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Fridge Buying Guide

Buying new kitchen appliances is an exciting time, and as fridges aren’t an everyday purchase you may be surprised just how advanced they have become. ASKO are appliance specialists, allowing us to focus on products that enhance the user experience with highest quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and our famous Scandinavian styling that is extremely popular in Australian homes. Buying the best integrated refrigerator just got a whole lot easier with ASKO.

How to buy the best integrated refrigerator?

There are lots of reasons for the growing popularity of high-end ASKO refrigerators. They   are incredibly economical compared to old-fashioned appliances, thanks to adaptable settings and functions, superior insulation and highest-quality components. ASKO refrigerator shelves and compartments can be divided, separated and removed for personalised cooling to your exacting requirements, and the stainless steel finish is a real touch of class. Here are just a few of the impressive features of ASKO integrated refrigerators.

Convertible Drawer

Avoid overcrowding your fridge by using the convertible extra drawer with separate temperature controls. You can choose between freezer, fresh-food or wine mode depending on your specific needs.

Dual Refrigeration

In ASKO refrigerators, every area is closed off so you can apply the perfect temperature to all foods and beverages. Each section has a compressor and evaporator for controlling temperature and humidity, free from frost.

Flexible Compartments

ASKO refrigerators feature an adjustable divider in the cooling drawer that can be switched between five positions. This makes storing different-sized items a breeze, and there is a sliding tray above the cooling drawer for easy access.

Wine Care

Keeping your wine collection perfectly cooled is easy with ASKO. Your favourite beverages, including already opened bottles, can be displayed on the extendable beechwood racks at optimum temperature.

Why should you choose to buy an integrated fridge?

There are lots of good reasons to buy an integrated fridge. With ASKO fridges, the upfront cost is progressively offset with energy-saving adaptability for lower power bills, and you are guaranteed to appreciate the improved kitchen experience that only highest-quality appliances provide. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose to buy an integrated fridge.

·        A built-in appliance that leaves nowhere for crumbs and spills to hide. Cleaning the kitchen floor and countertops has never been easier.

·        Highest quality appliance made with stainless steel and other pure materials adds a stylish touch to any kitchen. They always look great and are easy to maintain.

·        Environmentally friendly solutions save energy and are good for the environment. ASKO fridges include fully recyclable materials and components.

·        Congested kitchens are no fun, whereas kitchens that host ASKO integrated appliances allow you to entertain friends in a spacious, uncrowded environment.

·        Personalised solutions include seamless form and optimal functionality. ASKO integrated refrigerators are built to suit design specifications in Australian homes.

What size integrated refrigerator should you buy?

This will depend on the needs of your household. A refrigerator that is too small will soon become overworked and inefficient, while a fridge that is too large will waste energy and unnecessarily increase power bills. ASKO refrigerators avoid these problems by integrating adaptable shelving and cooling systems so you can mix and match your cool-storage solutions without food wastage.