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90cm Slide Out Rangehood : CO4927S

Slide Out Rangehood 90 cm

Stainless steel Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Extendable Rangehood

In a world where technology rules there are still opportunities for tradition and innovation to combine. The ASKO CO4927S Slide Out Rangehood is one example, where a simple retractable mechanism creates 90cm of extraction power. When not in use the CO4927S slides away, allowing even smaller kitchens to appear light and breezy. A less expensive option compared to dramatic island rangehoods, ASKO slide out rangehoods offer customised kitchen solutions, minimalist appeal and seamless integration.

Housed in a varnished metal sheet and bosting stainless-steel components including 3 air filters, the ASKO CO4927S doesn’t skimp on quality. ASKO appliances are all designed for individual user style, allowing every household to experience quality dining the ASKO way. Perfect above built-in ASKO electric, gas or induction appliances, the CO4927S Slide Out Rangehood offers plenty of promise in Australian kitchens. 

What are the slide out rangehood design advantages?

ASKO Slide Out Rangehoods are space saving innovations worth considering. In situations where kitchen space is limited but quality food is expected, ASKO has the answers. The ASKO CO4927S Slide Out Rangehood is simplicity of form and function that provides maximum cooking comfort, particularly in smaller kitchen spaces where keeping cool is a necessity. CO4927S Rangehood advantages include:

·        Minimalist design for unobstructed fume extraction

·        Four speed settings plus boost function for rapid extraction

·        Clean air function using pre-set time intervals

·        Adjustable LED lights for targeted cooking ambiance

·        Grease filter indicators to ensure energy efficient, clean cooking

Is the ASKO CO4927S suitable in a designer kitchen?

Australian home builders and designers are increasingly incorporating ASKO products into their plans. ASKO kitchen appliance solutions encompass the entire space, maximising cooking potential by using compatible products that work together in harmony. At 90cm wide, yet discreetly concealed when not in use, the ASKO CO4927S Slide Out Rangehood delivers on the ASKO promise of value-added innovative kitchen products that are built to last.

With 200W total power and the ability to easily adjust extraction levels, the CO4927S Rangehood works away quietly in the background. All components are integrated for easy cleaning of the entire retractable rangehood, while the polished steel finish guarantees designer kitchen class for everyone to appreciate.   

What is Scandinavian style?

Much envied by product manufacturers and designers, Scandinavian style incorporates the best of Nordic culture for contemporary lifestyle choices. Scandinavian appeal includes minimalist design features that conceal multifunctionality, plus seamless integration for creation of smooth, expansive spaces. Ergonomic utility is another Scandinavian ASKO trait, where every product is designed to minimise stress and maximise healthy living.

The ASKO OC4927S Slide Out Rangehood remains true to Scandinavian style ethics. Using space-saving technology, quiet power, targeted illumination and energy efficiency, the OC4927S ticks all the right boxes. Scandinavian style is the right balance of form and function, using only the best, long-lasting components and materials.  

Is stainless steel the only appliance colour choice?

Stainless steel is enduringly popular. Nothing can replicate the appearance of polished stainless steel, and in keeping with traditional ‘whitegoods’ evolvement toward stainless steel, ASKO rangehoods offer colour coordinated compatibility. ASKO product developers also recognise kitchen appliance design trends incorporating glossy black surfaces for contemporary appeal, with a rangehood range to match.

Satisfying customer expectations is the ASKO goal, and providing the full range of appliances facilitates the creation of a complete ASKO kitchen. When the chef and appliances co-exist and work together in harmony, time and money is saved for enjoying tasty results with friends and family the ASKO way. 

Model name: CO4927S
Product area: Kitchen
Market: Domestic
Product group: Hood
Construction type: CO - Built in
Body colour: Stainless steel

Construction & Performance

Housing: Varnished metal sheet
Number of filters: 3
Motor type: Inverter motor
Airflow boost position: 820 m³/h
Filter material: Stainless steel grease filter
Total power of the motors: 270 W

Use & Flexibility

Number of speed settings: 4
Boost function
Number of lights: 2
Lamp type: LED

Interaction & Control

Control setting: Button control
Grease filter indicator

Design & Integration

Motor location: In rangehood
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 25,1 × 43,8 × 25,6 cm

Safety & Maintenance

Washable grease filter

Technical data

Power of lights: 5 W
Connection rating: 280 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: Hz


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 30,1 × 90 × 29 cm
Length electrical cord: 1,2 m

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 61 × 96 × 41 cm
Gross weight: 18,6 kg
Product code: 511986
EAN code: 3838942065576