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Concealed Rangehood : CC4525S

Concealed Rangehood 52 cm

52cm Built In Rangehood

Modern kitchens incorporate rangehoods that are attractive, energy efficient and quiet. ASKO appliance development has led the style change for decades, introducing chefs to the concept of ‘Scandinavian style’ where uncluttered lines create expansive kitchen space without compromising functionality. Since 1950, when a young Swedish farmer built his mother a durable, superior washing machine, ASKO appliance innovations have continued, including the CC4525 Concealed Rangehood, perfect for small kitchen spaces with large cooking demands.

Rangehoods haven’t always been essential components in Australian kitchens. For generations, people suffered in oppressive kitchens where radiant heat and smoke lingered and chefs wilted. An appropriate rangehood will turn claustrophobic kitchen space into a clean, smoke-free zone where wafting cooking aromas are the only airborne intruders. ASKO appliances, including ovens, cooktops, microwaves and rangehoods are all compatible, transforming any kitchen into a smart work centre where cooking capacity is multiplied many times, with dining pleasure to match.

Why choose an ASKO 52cm concealed rangehood?

There are several rangehood styles suited to various kitchen configurations. The ASKO CC4525S Concealed Rangehood is manufactured to match regular sized 50cm ovens and cooktops. The rangehood is concealed within kitchen cabinetry, assisting small kitchens to appear larger, while keeping oppressive fumes to a minimum. ASKO rangehood styles include:

Concealed rangehood: Ideal for people desiring seamless kitchen appeal. ASKO developers create innovative concealed rangehoods with additional extraction power to match the capabilities of larger rangehoods, while remaining handily concealed in the background.

Canopy rangehood: Wall mounted canopy rangehoods familiar in commercial establishments are now common in Australian homes. Canopy rangehoods are ideal when larger ovens and kitchens require maximum extraction capabilities.

Slideout rangehood: Another space-saving ASKO innovation, slideout rangehoods are showy and functional when in use, then easily retracted for a spacious kitchen appearance when cooking is complete.

ASKO innovations include the famous AirQuiet motor that facilitates harmony even when the heat is turned up in the kitchen. In a functional kitchen, all tasks are performed conveniently, with ergonomically designed appliances assisting and guiding the chef without the distraction of noise, fumes or heat. In a surprising international partnership, Scandinavian ingenuity has revolutionised kitchen design, reconfiguring spacious and welcoming homes that adapt to Australian conditions. 

What are some ASKO CC4525S Concealed Rangehood features?

When it comes to appliances, ASKO are known as multifunctional innovators. Every part of an ASKO product is purposeful, with all major components manufactured from fully recyclable materials. Add to this the expected lifespan of durable, high-quality appliances, and the ASKO commitment to environmental sustainability becomes evident. The Scandinavian minimalist styling remains apparent, even in concealed ASKO appliances, with maintenance and cleaning features part of design concept rather than just an afterthought. ASKO CC4525S Concealed Rangehood features include:

·        Built-in to create discreet styling and more kitchen space

·        Powerful 275W inverter motor with airflow boost

·        Two hard-wearing filters for easy removal and cleaning

·        Four speed settings for controlled extraction

·        Boost and clean air functions

·        High-visibility LED illumination

In addition, grease filters don’t become unsightly dust and insect magnets with the CC4525 Rangehood, as the filters are dishwasher safe and sized for convenient cleaning. ASKO innovations include the small details that make a big difference in the kitchen.

Are there other ASKO CC4525S Rangehood functions?

ASKO appliances communicate with the user. Ovens store and suggest menu and recipe ideas, staged cooking facilitates a hands-free approach to cook-settings, and self-cleaning programs do the wash and tidy while chefs kick back and entertain guests. ASKO rangehoods, although not always the star of the kitchen show, have their own set of capabilities that make cooking easier, with tastier results to match. The ASKO CC4525S Rangehood multi-tasks in several ways, including:

·        Grease filter indicator light signals time for cleaning after 100 hours of use

·        Carbon filter indicator light signals after 200 hours of use

·        Fingertip settings control with illuminated display

·        Discreet kitchen spaciousness an alternative to clunky, obsolete kitchen hazards

·        High-end rangehood product at a price regular Australians can afford

Progressive ASKO rangehoods and other innovative kitchen appliances are now the norm in contemporary Australian homes where convenience and class go hand in hand to satisfy all dietary options, culinary preferences and most importantly, your taste buds. 

Model name: CC4525S
Product area: Kitchen
Market: Domestic
Product group: Hood
Construction type: CC - Built in
Body colour: Stainless steel

Construction & Performance

Housing: Varnished metal sheet
Number of filters: 2
Motor type: Inverter motor
Airflow boost position: 680 m³/h
Filter material: Aluminium
Total power of the motors: 275 W

Use & Flexibility

Number of speed settings: 4
Boost function
Number of lights: 2
Lamp type: LED
Timer function

Interaction & Control

Control setting: Button control
Grease filter indicator

Design & Integration

Motor location: In rangehood
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 33 × 49,2 × 25,6 cm

Safety & Maintenance

Washable grease filter

Technical data

Power of lights: 1 W
Connection rating: 277 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: Hz


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 33 × 52 × 30 cm
Length electrical cord: 1,2 m

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 42,5 × 60,5 × 36,5 cm
Gross weight: 10 kg
Product code: 511981
EAN code: 3838942065521