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Pro Series Fridges

A statement in the kitchen

ASKO Fridge in a designer kitchen
With a loading capacity of over 400 litres each side and a weight of nearly half a ton, the Pro Series fridges are anything but standard. Add smart features like dual refrigeration system, flexible loading racks, height adjustable shelving and convertible cooling drawer and you get one of the best designed and most flexible fridge freezers on the market.

Dual refrigeration systems

See inside the ASKO Pro Series Fridge
Fresh foods are best preserved in a humid yet chilly environment, while frozen foods require dry, frigid air to prevent decay and freezer burn. With the ASKO Pro Series™ each refrigerator and freezer area has its own closed system with a compressor and an evaporator, preserving fresh and frozen foods in the best possible way.

Convertible Drawer

Pro Series Convertible Fridge Freezer Drawer
The bottom drawer has a separate temperature control enabling you to choose either wine, freezer or fresh-food mode. This is the perfect function when you temporarily have to store more food for a dinner party or when you need extra space for storing large food. The conversion from either the freezer mode to fresh-food mode and vice versa takes only about three hours.

Wine handled with care

Pro Series Wine Racks
ASKO’s wine fridge is not just storage for your wine bottles, but in fact a small wine care system. In addition to the perfect temperature, it also provides gentle storage on extendable beechwood racks, which run smoothly on telescopic rails with soft close function. Storing wine bottles on wood instead of, say, steel means that the wine does not cool too quickly.
The wine fridge also features two separate temperature zones, for red or white wine.
Models: RF2826FI and RWF2826FI
Fully Integrated doors at additional cost