ASKO - Duo Fusion Gas + Induction

Duo Fusion Gas + Induction Cooktop

Get the best of both worlds

HIG1995AD Gas Induction Cooktop
Featuring a Fusion Volcano Wok burner and 4 induction zones, you have the flexibility to enjoy the pure gas flame, ideal for wok cooking for instance, with the precision of induction cooking. While you concentrate on the wok, you can let one of the Auto programs on the induction cooktop take care of simmering the sauce.

Volcano Wok

Wok Burner
The Volcano Wok has three functions - It can be used for wok cooking with directed flame under the wok, an additional outer flame for larger pots and a simmer setting for lower heat cooking.

Bridge Induction

Cooking on Induction
The flexible Bridge Induction lets you to bridge two cooking zones to create one large cooking zone, allowing you to optimise your cooking space. Our Bridge Induction provides the ideal amount of space for large pots and pans, making your cooking options endless. 

You can choose to use the 4 induction zones separately or bridge 2 zones together for larger pots and pans.