ASKO - What is a convection oven

What is a convection oven

Convection is an alternative electric heating method, where fans are used to circulate hot air rather than using a stationary electric element to generate heat. This even distribution of air is a major reason for the popularity of convection ovens, particularly ASKO pyrolytic and multifunctional ovens boasting convection perfection alongside dozens of cooking styles. ASKO versatility includes the best of form and function, where tradition and technology co-exist in harmony, and home owners are the big winners. 

What is a convection oven used for?

A convection oven can be used for all regular cooking processes. With a little practice, convection cooking is easy to master, and when guided by ASKO menu programs, culinary perfection really is possible. ASKO ovens are designed for every style of chef, and can even be incorporated in tandem with other ASKO appliances such as cooktops and Fusion Volcano wok burners for a fully synchronised ASKO kitchen experience.

ASKO oven options include the Pro Series range, Craft Oven range and Elements range, all with dozens of programs and modes for personalising the cooking experience. Style choices include pyrolytic ovens, steam ovens, steam assist ovens and microwaves, all with hot air convection, allowing you to get the most out of your ASKO experience.

What is the difference between a convection and regular oven?

Every home chef has their preferred style of cooking, although convection ovens do offer advantages that are worth considering. Here are just a few reasons why ASKO convection ovens are transforming the way Australians approach cooking.

·        A healthy alternative to frying in fatty oils

·        An evenly heated oven cavity

·        Less dehydration by using air instead of direct heat

·        Foodstuffs retain more moisture while cooking

·        Lower cooking temperature results in a cooler kitchen

·        Faster cooking equals time, energy and money saved

Do convection ovens cook more evenly?

Older, outmoded ovens were fully reliant on stationary heating elements to cook food. To achieve satisfactory results, food to be cooked needed to be shifted according to the placement and condition of the elements. Naturally, cooking results varied on different oven levels, with consistency virtually impossible.

The ASKO convection oven solution is simple; using traditional wood-fire oven principles in conjunction with heating elements and fans to encourage targeted air circulation and the ability to cook more evenly. ASKO appliances achieve the best of both worlds, where creating a culinary masterpiece is good for you and good for the environment.

Do foods cook faster in a convection oven?

Convection cooking is faster than traditional radiant or thermal style cooking. A convection oven forces hot air around the food being cooked, allowing the food to cook evenly and thoroughly, while still retaining juiciness and succulence. It’s estimated that convection cooking is 25% faster than radiant cooking alone, making your ASKO appliance a solid long-term investment.

What foods can be cooked in a convection oven?

Modern ovens are a world apart from appliances of yesteryear. A built-in ASKO Multifunctional Oven, for example, boasts amazing features, modes and programs to make cooking a breeze. Advanced and beginner chefs all appreciate the opportunity to prepare crusty breads, perfectly browned casseroles, succulent roasts, and steamed vegetables, all at restaurant quality.

Your ASKO Convection Oven will entice the family to try their favourite recipes, or select from the pre-programed menu choices for automated cooking perfection. ASKO multifunctional programs include warming, defrosting, Sous Vide cooking, steaming, grilling, baking, and roasting using a special meat probe for achieving the perfect texture. When cooking with an ASKO oven, the meals you prepare are only limited by your culinary imagination, while the oven guides you during every stage.