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What is the Pyrolytic Cleaning Cycle?

The Pyrolytic Cleaning Cycle

Busy lifestyles dictate inventive solutions to save time, and of all rooms in the house the kitchen benefits the most. Synergy between classic tradition and technological utility is a combination that ASKO oven designers and developers savour, and multifunctional, reciprocal appliances are the result. Self-cleaning ovens are no longer a novelty item, with major appliance manufacturers dedicating significant time and resources toward creating powerful yet energy efficient appliances for every style of home. The superior ASKO range of self-cleaning ovens include those with steam cleaning capability, Aqua cleaning, descaling, and an unbeatable range of ovens that utilise the pyrolytic cleaning cycle.

Most home chefs already use pyrolysis (extreme heat) without even realising it. Pyrolysis is used for baking, frying, grilling, and other kitchen tasks that use high temperatures. When organic material comes in contact with extreme heat thermochemical decomposition takes place, resulting in a charred crust or skin on foodstuffs that adds taste and texture. Pyrolytic oven cleaning utilises the same principle, although the oven temperature is raised to around 500ºC for dramatic results. A similar effect can be noted on the glass door of a wood burning heater, where stains on the inside door glass disappear naturally during combustion.

How long does the pyrolytic cleaning cycle take?

On one hand, the pyrolytic cleaning cycle takes no time at all as the oven does all the cleaning for the user. At the push of a button the pyrolytic cleaning cycle automatically commences, and when the oven starts getting hot the door self-locks for additional safety. Once temperature nears 500ºC the fans kick in, circulating extremely hot air around every corner of the oven cavity. The pyrolytic cleaning cycle lasts around 1.5-2 hours, incinerating food scraps, splashes, grease and oils, and once the oven cools down all you need to do is brush away the residual ash.

How often do you need to undertake the pyrolytic cleaning cycle?

Pyrolytic cleaning can be performed whenever you like. Some people schedule regular cleaning for maintaining an as-new oven appearance, while other users wait a little longer before giving the oven a thorough clean. Either way, the oven does all the work for you, providing time to freshen up and relax before enjoying your meal. The pyrolytic capabilities provide a host of other advantages, including:

·        Convenient cleaning without toiling away with harsh scrubbing and scraping

·        Energy-efficient insulation that keeps the kitchen and the chef cool

·        Detergents, cleaning agents and harmful chemicals are relegated to the dustbin

·        Zero cleansers make pyrolytic ovens ideal for people with sensitive skin

·        Additional power use is easily offset by not having to purchase cleaning agents

·        No cross contamination of taste via food spills, grease or oils

Can you burn yourself if you touch the oven during the pyrolytic cleaning cycle?

ASKO pyrolytic ovens satisfy all Australian safety regulations. As kitchen appliance specialists, the ASKO reputation is built on customer satisfaction, and locking heat firmly within the oven cavity means the oven exterior remains safe to touch, even when pyrolytic cleaning is in progress. Features include quadruple glazed safety-glass doors with reflective coating, plus additional insulation to ensure heat can’t escape. Nevertheless, supervision of children and keeping prying hands away from kitchen appliances is always recommended for safety’s sake. 

Can you open the door during the pyrolytic cleaning cycle?

ASKO pyrolytic ovens include soft closing doors and child-lock safety features. Once the pyrolytic cleaning cycle commences the oven door self-locks and remains that way until the cycle is complete and the oven has cooled down. Every feature of an ASKO oven contains multifunctional capability, and the minimalist oven appearance conceals a cooking powerhouse waiting to be explored.

More Australians than ever are experiencing the ASKO difference perfectly suited to contemporary living. ASKO built-in wall ovens provide seamless integration with existing cabinetry and compatibility with other ASKO products for maximising kitchen utility. In a world where everyone has their own eating schedule and cooking style, it’s good to know that ASKO appliances are up to the task. ASKO pyrolytic ovens turn ordinary cooks into masterchefs using tailored programs, automated step cooking, an extensive recipe archive and precise temperature control for perfect culinary results ever time.