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What are the Different Styles of Pyrolytic Ovens Available?

A visit to any major kitchen appliance showroom will reveal the transformation of ovens suitable for Australian households. The days of basic oven functionality are long gone, replaced by smart multifunctional appliances that take advantage of technological innovations. Pyrolytic ovens are among the most popular choices for contemporary kitchens where style and function are equally important, and the ASKO range of pyrolytic ovens is second to none. Pyrolysis involves the decomposition of organic matter at high temperatures, and the adaptation to oven use in the cleaning cycle is yet another ASKO multifunctional innovation.

Are all pyrolytic ovens the same?

Although there are similarities in the pyrolytic cleaning procedure, only the best ovens take full advantage of pyrolytic capacity. Appliance design and manufacture is a specialist field, no more so than in the case of pyrolytic ovens that utilise temperatures around 500ºC. In other words, seamless integration, faultless insulation, and additional safety features are all essential components of a pyrolytic oven that meets Australian standards. Pyrolysis isn’t a new concept and has been used to char wood for centuries, and is even noticed when volcanic lava comes in contact with vegetation.

ASKO appliance developers take inspiration from natural processes to create more efficient ovens for every phase of meal preparation, from the cut-up to the clean-up and every detail in between. The range of ASKO pyrolytic ovens includes Pro Series Ovens, Elements Ovens and Craft Ovens, ensuring Australian home chefs are rewarded with long-lasting appliances that meet all cooking and style expectations. ASKO built in pyrolytic ovens, in traditional 60cm oven size or 45cm for compact oven capability, are available in polished stainless steel and classy black ceramic glass, allowing any new home or kitchen renovation to showcase contemporary appeal as only ASKO can. 

Does the oven door get hot during pyrolytic cleaning?

Safety is an ASKO oven trait worth serious consideration, and meeting Australian standards is essential. ASKO pyrolytic ovens are technologically advanced, including the quadruple glazed door with special reflective coating between each layer. This pyrolytic feature allows the oven and kitchen to remain much cooler during summer days, even when roasting or baking. The advanced manufacturing techniques make the door safe to touch during the pyrolytic cycle, and the doors are easily removed, cleaned and replaced in seamless precision.

Is the cooking capability of a pyrolytic oven very good?

When ASKO developers introduce new features, it’s never at the expense of favourite functions. ASKO pyrolytic ovens are state of the art appliances at a price suited to most Australian home owners. In fact, when an oven provides consistently accurate heat and timed cook settings, money is saved. In addition, there is no need to purchase heavy duty cleaning agents or other detergents for the life of the oven. The high temperature used in pyrolytic cleaning naturally uses electricity, but the cost is easily offset by savings.

The pyrolytic oven styles in the ASKO appliance range have been created to match the needs of regular Australians who appreciate the minimalist Scandinavian approach to contemporary open-plan living. ASKO built-in pyrolytic ovens include:

Pro Series Ovens: An extremely popular range with professional appeal for the home kitchen

Elements pyrolytic ovens: Highest quality stainless steel and durable, solid metal components

Craft ovens: Intuitive interface and understated elegance of built-in Scandinavian design

ASKO pyrolytic ovens are smart appliances that reciprocate with the chef. Outmoded appliances of yesteryear are being discarded in favour of products that guide the chef, provide automatically adjusting step-cooking, and even provide menu ideas and pre-set cooking options for every type of cuisine. An ASKO oven is a professional chef’s dream and will even make a novice cook seem like a masterchef with decades of experience.

How does the pyrolytic cycle work?

ASKO oven pyrolytic cleaning is fully automated. The pyrolytic cycle can be used occasionally to remove stubborn build-up or as part of a scheduled program to ensure the oven always looks its best. The cleaning cycle is accessed via the high definition control panel, and at the push of a button the cycle begins, freeing up the chef to relax or mingle with guests. As the oven heats up, the door automatically locks for safety for the duration of cleaning.

When the temperature nears 500ºC, the fans automatically start, ensuring pyrolysis reaches every corner of the oven cavity. The cleaning cycle takes around 1.5-2 hours to complete, and once the oven cools down any residual ash is simply brushed away. Convenience is key with ASKO appliances, as is the capacity to provide perfect culinary results for every meal.