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ASKO Pyrolytic Ovens – Functions

A pyrolytic oven performs all the functions of a regular electric oven with the addition of pyrolytic cleaning using high temperatures around 500ºC. ASKO developers use the highest quality materials and components to provide additional oven and kitchen advantages that other manufacturers can’t. ASKO pyrolytic ovens are seamlessly engineered to lock heat inside the oven cavity, allowing the entire kitchen to stay cool even during the pyrolytic cleaning process. ASKO pyrolytic ovens are self-cleaning appliances that assist the user and save time – an important consideration in today’s busy world.

As a premium appliance manufacturer, ASKO ensures every chef and kitchen style is catered for. The ASKO pyrolytic oven range in black glass sheen or stainless steel are unmatched for form and function that draws the user in to explore the full spectrum of pyrolytic oven features. ASKO pyrolytic ovens feature progressive Pro Series ovens, Elements ovens and Craft ovens, all with unique characteristics that define ASKO style. At 60cm or 45cm wide, ASKO built-in pyrolytic ovens are the integrated approach to spacious kitchen styling and convenient living.

How do Pyrolytic Ovens Work?

Pyrolytic ovens take over the oven cleaning duties. With an ASKO pyrolytic oven there’s no need for abrasive chemicals or harsh scrubbing. In a fully automated cycle, the oven door automatically locks for safety while the oven interior heats up to approximately 500ºC. Any residual grease, grime of food is reduced to ashes that are simply wiped away when the pyrolytic cleaning cycle is complete. The cleaning cycle can be used whenever it’s convenient, with the automatic process requiring zero supervision.

ASKO innovators have always strived to create multifunctional appliances. As a company heralding from Scandinavia, it’s understandable that both cooking and warming capacity are investigated to their full potential when designing ovens. Pyrolytic ovens are a natural ASKO progression where Scandinavian expertise is highly valued, and the principles adapt equally well in Australian kitchens. Seamless pyrolytic oven design and manufacture mean that heat stays inside the oven where it belongs so Australian kitchens can remain comfortable even during oppressive summer days. Pyrolytic cleaning is so simple, its ingenious.

Step One:Start the automated pyrolytic cleaning process. The lower and upper heating elements will reach approximately 500ºC.

Step Two:When the oven temperature reaches 250ºC the oven door automatically locks for safety.

Step Three: When the pyrolytic cleaning temperature is reached the fan is automatically activated, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the entire oven cavity.

Step Four:When the cleaning cycle is complete and the oven has cooled, the safety door will automatically unlock and residual ash can be conveniently wiped away with a brush or cloth.

What are some other multifunctional pyrolytic oven features?

The idea of harnessing heat for multiple purposes has been an ASKO development trait for decades. Heat that was solely used for cooking is now used for cleaning. ASKO pyrolytic oven fans are another example of multifunctional ingenuity. When the automated pyrolytic self-cleaning oven reaches high cleaning temperature, the fans automatically starts circulating hot air to clean every oven crevice. The heat and fans are further enhanced by ASKO oven manufacture that includes an incredibly tough enamel coating on the pyrolytic oven interior that resists heat while food scraps, splashes, grease and oils are reduced to fine ash. Heat resistant ASKO oven trays and racks remain inside during cleaning that is hands-free from start to finish.

ASKO appliances don’t stop at one function per feature. Our focus is on multifunctional appliances that are compatible with other ASKO products for a tailored and streamlined kitchen approach. When the best technology and engineering expertise are combined, game-changing products are developed – the ASKO way.