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Pyrolytic Ovens FAQs

ASKO Pyrolytic Ovens FAQs

Are you wondering what the hype regarding pyrolytic ovens is all about? Are you considering a new oven purchase but feeling a little overawed by options that you didn’t even know existed? The kitchen appliance innovation revolution has progressed rapidly during recent decades, and oven manufacturers are uniting technological potential and traditional cooking science in development of new and outstanding products that are built to last. Progressive cooking science is nothing new to ASKO innovators who have been developing superior kitchen appliances for more than 70 years in their quest for culinary excellence and contemporary household appeal.  

Most FAQs when looking at pyrolytic ovens

There are various ASKO self-cleaning oven systems available and pyrolytic ovens are a real favourite with Australian chefs. Firstly though, you may appreciate a little information prior to making an informed ASKO oven decision. A little background on pyrolytic processes:

·        Pyrolysis is a term that refers to ‘extreme heat’ used for removal of stains

·        Pyrolytic ovens heat to temperatures around 500ºC

·        Pyrolytic oven interiors are coated with a heat-resistant porcelain enamel coating

·        Pyrolysis is a cleaning function that is compatible with regular oven use

What are the benefits of a pyrolytic oven?

Anyone accustomed to scrubbing, scraping and scouring residual build-up inside their oven knows how difficult it is to maintain showroom quality in a household kitchen. ASKO pyrolytic ovens, on the other hand, do the hard work for you by utilising the oven’s inherent capacity for heating to clean itself. As always, ASKO innovations include multifunctional utility to improve every aspect of the cooking and dining experience, with capabilities that include:

·        Time-saving, allowing the chef to enjoy meals without intense cleaning up afterwards

·        No more harsh scrubbing or scraping that damages the oven cavity

·        Reduced exposure to harsh chemicals, toxic substances and cleaning agents

·        Uncontaminated cooking using a pristine and clean oven every time

·        Sustainable cooking that doesn’t pollute the environment

·        Greater insulation properties that prevent energy waste

·        Seamlessly sealed ASKO appliances that help maintain a cooler kitchen 

How long does a clean cycle last?

The pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle takes a couple of hours to complete and can be performed whenever you want the oven to look its best. The cycle includes adequate cooling time before the automatically closed oven door-lock is released, ensuring safe oven cleaning during every stage of the procedure. The clean cycle requires zero supervision, allowing you to relax and enjoy life while the oven does the hard work for you. Once the pyrolytic clean cycle is complete and the oven has cooled, any residual ash is simply wiped away using a soft, damp cloth. 

Do pyrolytic ovens use more energy?

Pyrolytic oven cleaning at high temperatures obviously uses energy, but the expense is easily counteracted by zero need for costly and damaging cleaning agents. As an alternative to soldiering on in a smoke-filled kitchen every time you cook, a pyrolytic oven is hard to beat. Pyrolytic oven cleaning is only required every few months to maintain optimal heating and cooking capacity, ultimately using less energy and saving money with every oven use. Additionally, ASKO manufactures smart oven appliances that guide the chef with targeted functions and settings that utilise appropriate heat for every cooking procedure. 

What sizes and styles do they come in?

As with all ASKO products, the appliance range is designed to satisfy individual customer expectations, and ASKO pyrolytic ovens are no exception. Designed and built to fit seamlessly into existing cabinetry space, ASKO 45cm and 60cm pyrolytic ovens are ideal for every Australian household. ASKO pyrolytic oven choices include the famous ASKO Elements range, the innovative Pro Series range, plus contemporary Pyrolytic Craft Ovens designed for individual style much appreciated by today’s chefs. With ASKO, the opportunity to personalise your own kitchen and cooking style has never been easier, and the choice is all yours to enjoy and appreciate.