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ASKO Pyrolytic Ovens – Cleaning

At first glance, a pyrolytic oven seems just like any other oven. Looks can be deceiving however, and pyrolytic ovens are purpose-designed and built to fulfil special high-temperature cleaning requirements. ASKO developers naturally incorporate additional features that take advantage of pyrolytic oven manufacturing processes, resulting in an oven that endures heavy use with the minimum of fuss. However, it’s the cleaning capability of ASKO pyrolytic ovens that is changing kitchen dynamics and attracting a brand-new breed of chefs back to the kitchen.

Modern lifestyles can be busy and time-poor, so any convenience is appreciated. In fact, many Australians have neglected home cooking altogether in favour of fast foods and pre-packaged meals. Healthy cooking and eating solutions are required, and ASKO has the answers. For little more than the price of a regular oven, an ASKO pyrolytic oven not only cooks with user-friendly precision, but also cleans itself when cooking is done. The uptake of ASKO pyrolytic ovens by Australian chefs is an indication that pyrolytic ovens are here to stay and ASKO innovators are here to lead the way.

How do you clean a pyrolytic oven?

Your brand new ASKO pyrolytic oven is designed to always look good. The truth is, you don’t clean a pyrolytic oven; it cleans itself! Technology really is taking over in contemporary homes, and kitchens are the greatest benefactor. It’s easier than ever to accommodate the tastes and dietary needs of family and friends with ASKO appliances that communicate with the user and guide the chef whenever required during every stage of cooking. Cleaning is no exception, as pyrolytic cleaning is a fully automated self-cleaning program where the oven does all the work for you.

With ASKO pyrolytic oven cleaning, the entire oven cavity is returned to pristine condition without the need for any harsh chemicals or scouring. The pyrolytic clean cycle is complete in a couple of hours and can be performed as regular maintenance or an occasional spruce up. With ASKO pyrolytic ovens, the purpose-manufactured oven trays and racks stay inside for the clean-up, making those impossible to clean angles and corners entirely possible. 

What is the pyrolytic clean cycle?

This is the easy part because everything is automated, but the oven will go through several cleaning phases on your behalf. While the oven is cleaning itself, you may prefer to read a book, go for a swim, or hang out with friends. The clean cycle includes:

·        Start the automated pyrolytic cleaning cycle

·        Upper and lower elements begin heating to the desired temperature

·        The oven door automatically locks for safety when high temperature is reached

·        When oven cavity heat reaches 500ºC, the fan automatically starts to circulate air

·        Food stains and grease are burnt to ashes

·        When the cleaning cycle is complete and the oven cools, the safety door unlocks

·        Ash is wiped away with a soft cloth

Will a pyrolytic oven heat up my kitchen?

Due to superior construction methods in keeping with Australian and international standards, ASKO pyrolytic ovens are incredibly safe and remarkably cool. When pyrolytic cleaning is in progress, temperatures inside the oven can reach 500ºC, although the oven exterior is designed to remain 60ºC or less, a temperature that won’t scald wandering hands. In addition, pyrolytic cleaning is a fully automated oven self-cleaning program. Once pyrolytic cleaning has commenced and the oven begins to heat, the oven door automatically locks, allowing the chef to relax and enjoy other activities while the oven does the dirty work.

During regular cooking, there is every chance the kitchen will feel cooler than usual due to superior insulation qualities of the pyrolytic oven. As an oven with capacity for extremely high temperatures, every component of a pyrolytic oven needs to be purpose-designed and constructed. The result is impressive energy efficiency, locked-in heat, zero need for detergents and cleansers, and an obedient response every time pyrolytic cleaning is required. Pyrolytic ovens aren’t for everyone, but ASKO pyrolytic oven users are a growing breed for all the right reasons.