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What is the Best Pyrolytic Oven for Me?

For dedicated home chefs, kitchen styling is an exciting component of home building, renovation or upgrade. The interest in state of the art products is spreading fast, including the desire for ovens that reciprocate with the user, provide personalised cook settings and even clean themselves when cooking is complete. Busy lifestyles dictate convenient choices, and ASKO pyrolytic ovens are at the top of most people’s contemporary design wish-list. Pyrolysis (extreme heat) is a naturally compatible utility for quality ovens, and ASKO pyrolytic oven developers take advantage of the principle in style. Choosing the best pyrolytic oven brand is easy, and with the ASKO pyrolytic oven range, the choice is all yours for kitchen compatibility and home cooking success. 

What is pyrolytic technology?

Pyrolysis already serves important cooking functions for baking, grilling, frying and caramelising. It was only a matter of time before ASKO innovators introduced pyrolytic technology to the cleaning cycle as well. Pyrolysis is caused when elevated temperatures react with organic material in a process called thermochemical decomposition, often noticed in wood burning fireplaces where the glass door seemingly miraculously cleans itself when hot. Temperatures of around 500ºC are used for pyrolytic oven cleaning in a cycle lasting from 1.5-2 hours, so ASKO pyrolytic technology also extends to enhanced insulation, quadruple reflective glass oven doors and seamless design features to lock heat in for cleaning, while the oven door remains safe to touch. 

Are there any other advantages in owning a pyrolytic kitchen appliance?

Although purpose-built with pyrolytic cleaning functions in mind, ASKO pyrolytic oven design results in a host of other advantages including:

·        Time is saved for enjoying meals with family and friends, or simply putting your feet up

·        No uncomfortable kneeling and scrubbing vainly with zero result except sore knees

·        Chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents are relegated to the poison cabinet

·        Zero exposure to harsh and damaging chemicals that damage sensitive skin

·        No cross contamination of cleaning agents or food spills while cooking fresh meals

·        Highly effective insulation that traps heat inside the oven where it belongs

·        The kitchen remains cooler during regular cooking

·        Quadruple glazed oven doors that remain safe to touch at all times

ASKO pyrolytic ovens are built for all-round convenience, with pyroproof sided racks and plates, plus dishwasher proofed accessories, allowing your oven to look showroom-new even after heavy use.

Do pyrolytic ovens cook like regular ovens?

Every ASKO oven is designed for multifunctional capability, and the pyrolytic feature actually enhances the performance of some functions. When used for baking, roasting and grilling, the enhanced insulation and seamless construction keeps the oven exterior, the kitchen and the chef cooler; a bonus on hot summer days. The ASKO pyrolytic oven range is feature-rich. For example, the ASKO OP8676S Pro Series Oven includes:

·        Fifteen oven functions including defrost, auto-roast mode and multi-phase cooking

·        High-definition digital display panel with easily identifiable icons

·        Automated cooking programs, menu archive, and the option to save favourite recipes

·        5 baking levels for precise roasting, baking and grilling

·        Soft closing oven door with kid-safe lockable controls

What is the pyrolytic cleaning cycle?

Keeping an oven showroom-clean used to be impossible, but ASKO pyrolytic ovens have changed all that. The cleaning cycle is hands-free, with no harsh scrubbing or scouring necessary as the oven does all the hard work. Once the cleaning cycle has commenced and the oven begins heating up, the oven door automatically locks for additional safety. When temperature approaches 500ºC the fans circulate intense heat throughout every crevice of the oven cavity.

The self-cleaning cycle lasts for 1.5-2 hours, and when cleaning is complete and the oven cools down, any residual ash is simply wiped away. The pyrolysis-friendly oven racks and other components can remain in the oven during cleaning, ensuring every meal tastes fresh, without any crossover of tastes from previous meals, cooking oils and grease. ASKO innovations extend from inside to the seamless stainless steel or ceramic glass exterior, with quality that stands the test of time for a lifetime of delicious meals.