ASKO - Pre Heating

Pre Heating

ASKO ovens are manufactured with both form and function in mind. Features such as the ECO program, multi-phase cooking and rapid oven pre-heating are designed to save the user time and money without compromising culinary results. Your ASKO oven can warm up and cool down fast, allowing your kitchen and entertaining space to remain cool and comfortable, and when cooking is done, your pyrolytic or steam oven will even clean itself while you mingle with family and friends.

Do you need to pre-heat your oven?

Oven pre-heating is essential for correct preparation of many foodstuffs, including breads, roasts, casseroles and pastries. If your oven isn’t at the correct temperature your meal will potentially be undercooked, overcooked, burnt or too dry. ASKO ovens avoid this scenario with dozens of programs, modes and features all accessed on the illuminated user interface.

Cook settings can be pre-programed and saved in your favourites menu, ensuring consistent results every time. As with all ASKO innovations, the Fast Preheat option is easy to manage in a few simple steps.

1: Switch on the oven using the ‘On/Off’ key.

2: Input the ‘Fast Preheat’ function on the oven user interface.

3: Select the desired temperature according to your preference.

4: Select the ‘confirm’ key and fast pre-heating will commence.

Fast Preheat can also be linked to a cooking program by activating ‘Fast Preheat’ from the ‘Plus’ menu.

How long does it take to pre-heat an oven?

Old ovens take ages to heat up, wasting valuable energy and costing you big time on utility bills. An ASKO oven, on the other hand, can heat up to 180ºC in only 4 minutes to ensure cooking duties don’t take long and time is saved for relishing perfectly prepared meals. In addition, ASKO incorporates ‘plate warming’ and ‘keep warm’ settings in the Plus menu, allowing every household member to appreciate perfectly heated meals even if they are late for dinner.  

Do you need to pre-heat steam ovens?

Steam ovens are the secret behind crusty breads, soft pastries and succulent roasts. The technology has been used in commercial kitchens for decades and Australian homeowners can now appreciate similar results in domestic kitchens. ASKO steam oven settings can be tailored for personalised cooking, such as injecting periodic bursts of steam into the oven cavity to ensure preparations remain succulent and perfectly browned. ASKO takes the guesswork out of cooking, while the chef gets the accolades for culinary excellence.

Which ASKO models offer rapid pre-heating?

ASKO pyrolytic ovens, steam ovens, steam assist ovens, combi steam ovens and craft ovens all include rapid pre-heating programs. In other words, you can own a domestic oven with commercial oven capabilities at a price that suits your budget. The ASKO oven range boasts Scandinavian styling popular in contemporary Australian kitchens, and our commitment to energy-saving, environmentally friendly products has been an ASKO trademark since 1950, when the idea for superior ASKO appliance manufacture was formed.

How can you tell when your oven is heated and ready for cooking?

ASKO ovens take the guesswork out of cooking. Our appliances are reciprocal, intelligent products that work with the chef to deliver tailored results. When the desired temperature is reached a visible ‘pop-up’ confirmation will appear on the user interface, along with a sound-signal, allowing you to perform other tasks while the oven is heating up. The cooking timer will commence once your prep is in the oven and the oven door is closed.

With dozens of oven options, and countless ways to prepare meals from local and international cuisines, ASKO is worth serious consideration. When you factor in the superior energy-star ratings, personalised oven programming and fully automated cook settings, serious money is saved for the lifetime of your durable and attractive appliance.