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How To Clean Your Oven

Contemporary Australian kitchens are easy to negotiate, use and maintain. However, enthusiasm to cook is soon lost if the oven is caked with built on grime and leftovers, so ASKO innovations include self-cleaning ovens that take over the workload. ASKO Pyrolytic Ovens and ASKO Combi Steam Ovens are incredibly popular with new home owners and renovators, and maybe it’s time you discovered what’s behind the ASKO revolution.

How do you clean an oven?

The days of harsh scrubbing and scraping while on hands and knees are a thing of the past thanks to ASKO. The fully automated pyrolytic oven cleaning procedure, for example, uses intense heat to clean and purify the oven cavity, with nowhere for grease and grime to hide. Features of the ASKO Oven self-cleaning cycle include:

·        High definition control panel for easy navigation and program selection

·        Upper and lower elements for intense heating at the desired temperature

·        When 500ºC is reached, the fan automatically begins to circulate air

·        The oven door automatically locks when the oven reaches high temperature

·        Food residue is turned into ashes that are simply swept away

If you prefer to use the ASKO steam cleaning feature, powerful jets of very hot steam perform the cleaning task. Food residue is soaked, softened and flushed or wiped away, allowing you to cook with a perfectly clean oven every time.

Which ovens are self-cleaning?

The ASKO self-cleaning oven range is extensive, and includes 60cm Steam Assist Ovens, 60cm Aqua Clean ovens and the Elements Combi Microwave Oven. ASKO developers achieve multifunctional capability of all oven components, while only the best stainless steel, integrated side trims and ceramic glass is used, allowing your oven to always look its best with the minimum of fuss.

How often should you clean your oven?

You can run the self-cleaning program whenever you like. Some people prefer to undertake scheduled maintenance and cleaning, while others perform a major clean only when guests are visiting. It’s recommended that your ASKO oven is cleaned about once per month for optimum performance. In every case, there are a lot of advantages to ASKO Oven self-cleaning programs, including:

·        No need to use harsh solvents, chemicals or cleaning agents

·        Perfect for people with sensitive skin and aversion to chemicals

·        Environmentally friendly solution for sustainable appliance use

·        No more awkward and tiring scrubbing

·        Energy-efficient, water-wise cleaning

How long does it take to clean an oven?

ASKO oven cleaning is performed with fingertip control. The entire oven self-cleaning cycle is automated, allowing you to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends while cleaning goes on. Pyrolysis cleaning takes approximately 3.5 hours depending on the level of cleaning intensity, with the oven incorporating amazing insulation to keep the exterior safe to touch.

Automated steam cleaning is much faster, taking only 30 minutes to complete, after which time stubborn, stuck-on foodstuffs will be soaked and easy to remove with a cloth. As healthy, time saving alternatives, ASKO self-cleaning ovens tick the right boxes for modern Australians. Having suitable appliances at home is the best way to save time without sacrificing on quality, and ASKO can make a real difference.

Are ASKO ovens easy to clean?

When form and function are compatible, everything becomes easier. ASKO Ovens are built-in and fully integrated examples of contemporary kitchen synchronicity, where clean, unbroken lines and expansive minimalism are your introduction to powerful cooking capability. ASKO developers believe in the best of both worlds, where appliances do far more than ever before, while also making life easier.

Your ASKO oven exterior can always appear showroom clean using mild detergent and a soft cloth, while the oven interior cleans itself in readiness for the next meal. Visit your local ASKO retailer to explore the amazing products for progressive Australian homes.