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How to Clean an Oven Door

Highest quality design and integration is essential in contemporary appliances. Modern ovens are versatile, multifunctional and powerful, and harnessing the energy correctly is something only the best manufacturers such as ASKO can achieve. ASKO ovens keep the kitchen cooler even while working at maximum output, thanks to ingeniously designed doors and special insulation.

How do you clean an oven door?

ASKO Ovens are incredibly sturdy, using single piece components wherever possible. This is one secret behind ASKO’s seamless appearance, where minimalist appeal conceals heavy-duty cooking capability. An advantage of this approach is the easy to remove and clean oven doors, allowing your ASKO appliance to always look and function its best. Design and integration features that make your ASKO Oven door special include:

·        Full glass front for easy viewing inside the oven

·        One-piece metal handle to last a lifetime

·        4 oven door glasses with quadruple glazing

·        Double heat deflector for kitchen comfort

·        Soft closing and opening with Kid Safe lockable controls

General cleaning of the exterior oven door is easily achieved with mild detergent and a soft cloth. The interior oven door glass is even easier to clean using automated pyrolytic (heat) or steam cleaning programs, depending on the type of oven you choose.

How often should you clean your oven door?

Although the automated ASKO oven cleaning programs cover most eventualities, there may be times when you want to undertake more thorough maintenance and cleaning. The quadruple oven doors are very easy to remove, clean and replace in a few simple steps.

Step one: Open the door to the fully open position.

Step two: Lift both hinge latches and pull them towards the oven door until they lock in at 45º.

Step three: Gently close the door until it reaches a 45º angle.

Step four: Remove the door by lifting and tilting it towards the oven. Remove the hinges.

Removing and separating the heat resistant door glass for cleaning is easy. Simply shift the clamps to release the glass and remove the glass from the supports. With occasional maintenance, your ASKO oven can look as good as new for many years of reliable service.

What ovens are self-cleaning?

Wide-ranging ASKO Oven choices include self-cleaning ovens suitable for all types of Australian kitchens. Whether you live solo in a studio apartment, or cater to the demands of a busy household, a self-cleaning oven can make a big difference in the kitchen and save you lots of money and time along the way.

The best ASKO ovens all incorporate self-cleaning programs, allowing users to avoid harsh scrubbing and scraping, while dangerous chemical cleaning agents are a thing of the past. ASKO Oven options include the OP8678G Pyrolytic Multifunctional Oven with 19 different oven functions, and the OCS8456S Pro Series Combi Steam Oven for healthy, hearty and tasty meal preparation using the power of steam.

What can I use to clean my ASKO oven door?

If you are using an ASKO Pyrolytic Oven, the power of heat will clean the door for you. When temperature rises to high levels, a reaction called pyrolysis occurs where organic material is turned into dust, and when the automated oven cleaning cycle is complete, the dust is simply swept away.

If you prefer a multifunctional ASKO Steam Oven, powerful jets of intense steam do the cleaning for you. ASKO steam cleaning and pyrolytic cleaning are both set-and-forget, with the appliance automatically switching off when the program is complete, or if the oven is not in use. However, with so much to explore in an ASKO oven, it’s not surprising to see the entire family getting excited about all the amazing possibilities.