ASKO - ASKO Oven Cleaning

ASKO Oven Cleaning

Contemporary Australian kitchens are designed for convenience. Australian homes and family dynamics have changed dramatically during recent decades, and appliance manufacturers have responded with products that are simple to negotiate, use and maintain. Culinary inspiration is automatic when an oven is versatile, reciprocal and easy to clean, making revolutionary self-cleaning pyrolytic and steam ovens great options for people who appreciate ASKO advantages.

How can you clean an oven?

Everyone has a different approach to kitchen duties, including how to clean an oven. However, times have changed, and the days of manual cleaning on hands and knees are over thanks to self-cleaning pyrolytic and steam ovens. The ASKO oven pyrolytic cleaning cycle uses intense heat locked inside the oven cavity to reduce food waste and grime to dust, while self-cleaning steam ovens utilise targeted jets of piping hot water to achieve the perfect clean. Features of pyrolytic oven cleaning include:

·        High definition control panel for easy navigation

·        Upper and lower elements for intense heating

·        Child-safe automatic door locking while cleaning is in progress

·        When 500ºC is reached, the fan begins to circulate air throughout the oven cavity

·        Superior insulation and multiple oven doors trap heat while the kitchen stays cool

·        Food residue is turned into ashes that are simply swept or vacuumed away

ASKO steam cleaning is equally effective, with food residue and stuck-on scraps soaked, softened and easily wiped away.

Which ovens are the easiest to clean?

Built-in and fully integrated ovens are the easiest to clean. For starters, there is nowhere for food scraps and other rubbish to hide. Built-in ASKO ovens fit seamlessly within existing cabinetry or as part of a new build, and the contemporary appeal of smooth kitchen lines and product synchronicity is all part of the deal.

The ASKO self-cleaning oven range is extensive, and includes 60cm Steam Assist Ovens, 60cm Aqua Clean ovens and the Elements Combi Microwave Oven. ASKO uses sturdy and long-lasting components, including highest-quality stainless steel and incredibly heat-resistant ceramic glass. In other words, your ASKO oven is a showpiece that will always look its best with a minimum of fuss.

How often should you clean an oven?

You can run the self-cleaning program any time the oven isn’t in use. Your preference may be for scheduled maintenance and cleaning, or a major clean on occasion. It’s recommended to run an ASKO oven self-cleaning program about once per month for optimum performance. ASKO Oven self-cleaning programs have a lot of advantages, including:

·        No tiring scrubbing and scraping

·        Optimal energy and water-efficiency

·        No harsh solvents, chemicals or cleaning agents

·        Ideal for people with sensitive skin or aversion to chemicals

·        Environmentally friendly and sustainable appliance cleaning

·        Save time and put your feet up while the appliance takes over kitchen duties

What products can you use to clean an oven?

Emphasis on the environment has resulted in a new wave of safer cleaning products. Traditional methods are also making a comeback, such as natural organic detergents and products like bicarbonate of soda. However, there is no alternative to an ASKO oven that cleans by fingertip control. Pyrolytic cleaning takes up to 3.5 hours depending on the level of cleaning intensity, while superior insulation keeps ambient heat to a minimum.  

Automated steam cleaning is faster, taking only 30 minutes. ASKO self-cleaning ovens tick the right boxes for modern consumer preferences, and Australians are appreciating oven advantages that save time without sacrificing quality.

How can you prevent your oven from getting too dirty?

When form and function are synchronised, your oven never needs to be too dirty. Your ASKO oven exterior is easily maintained using mild detergent and a soft cloth, while interior oven cleaning is fully automated for maximum convenience. ASKO developers believe in appliances that work with the user for tailored results every time.

The uptake of intelligent ASKO ovens in Australian has been impressive for all the right reasons, and a visit to your local ASKO retailer will introduce you to an entirely new range of superior products worth exploring.