ASKO - Mutifunctional Oven - Aqua clean

60cm Aqua Clean oven

The Australian cooking revolution has taken almost everyone by surprise, and chefs are returning to the home kitchen in search of inspiration. Contemporary oven advantages include dramatically increased culinary potential, tastier meals and programmable cleaning modes, such as the ASKO Aqua Clean system that allows you to put your feet up while the oven cleans itself. 

What are the benefits of aqua clean ovens?

ASKO Aqua Clean ovens are an ideal entry-level kitchen appliance for people who appreciate quality. Everyone enjoys tasty food, but nobody likes scraping and scrubbing a crusty oven interior while crouched on the floor, and ASKO Aqua Clean ovens are the solution. Capable of preparing a huge range of meals from local and international cuisines, yet appealingly minimalist in style, the ASKO range of 60cm Aqua Clean Ovens is proving a real winner with Australian home chefs. Benefits include:

·        Large capacity with traditional wood fire oven capabilities

·        High-definition touchscreen control unit for precise programming

·        Even temperature radiation for grilling, roasting and baking

·        Energy saving innovations including Eco-cooking mode

·        Multiple baking and grilling levels for every type of meal

·        Favourite programs saving function

Are aqua clean ovens self-cleaning?

The Aqua Clean function is simple to use. When cooking is done, and the oven has cooled, simply select the Aqua Clean symbol on the control unit and press start. Targeted and powerful jets of steam soften and break down food residues and stuck-on grime, and once the cycle is complete, all you need to do is wipe the oven interior dry. Your ASKO oven can perform with commercial oven capability while always looking showroom fresh.

What sized oven should I choose?

ASKO ovens are available in various sizes to match contemporary Australian kitchen design. Your oven can be built-in or fully integrated to match cabinetry, creating seamless kitchen appeal and no place for crumbs, scraps or spills to hide. ASKO 60cm Aqua Clean Ovens include Pro Series Ovens and Craft Ovens, and are ideal in kitchens of all sizes where good food remains a priority.

Integrated kitchens fitted with intelligent appliances will dramatically increase cooking potential and improve results for everyone to appreciate. Compatible ASKO appliances include ovens, cooktops, wok burners, rangehoods, warming drawers, dishwashers and more, all designed to work together for a harmonious kitchen experience.

What other features do aqua clean ovens include?

ASKO 60cm Aqua Clean Ovens deliver precise cooking, convenient cleaning and superior culinary results. Aqua Clean ovens are the healthy, environmentally friendly alternative, with advantages that include:

·        No need for harsh scrubbing, scraping or scouring

·        No harsh cleaning agents, solvents or chemicals

·        Ideal for people with sensitive skin

·        Environmentally friendly cleaning

·        An as-new looking appliance at all times

·        Time-saving so you can socialise or relax once cooking is done

What meals can you cook in an aqua clean oven?

ASKO Aqua Clean Ovens offer a multifunctional approach to meal preparation. From grilling toast to baking the perfect apple pie, Aqua Clean Ovens can do it all. Precise heat control facilitates defrosting, reheating and even plate warming, and when intense heat is required for multi-phase cooking or the auto roast mode, your ASKO oven is up to the task.

ASKO oven manufacture includes single piece components and the use of highest quality stainless-steel wherever possible. Aqua Clean Ovens are built to last for decades using fully recyclable materials, ensuring long-term environmental sustainability. ASKO innovators develop appliances that perform multiple tasks for energy-efficient cooking and superior results every time. If you are upgrading your kitchen, or commencing an exciting new build, take time out to investigate the many ways ASKO appliances can transform your home and encourage a new generation of masterchefs.