ASKO - Which microwave to choose

Which microwave to choose

Contemporary kitchen design includes seamless construction and fully integrated appliances for easy use and cleaning. All-in-one appliances have taken over from single-dimensional microwaves, toaster ovens and cookers, and ASKO leads the way with multifunctional microwave ovens, craft ovens and combi ovens that can cover every culinary base in style.

What are combination microwave ovens?

Among modern microwave preferences, the ASKO Elements Combi Microwave Ovens stand out from the competition. Cooking with a combination microwave can be totally intuitive or fully automated. In addition, microwave and convection cooking can be combined for staged cooking procedures. When cooking is done, an ASKO combination microwave oven will even self-clean for you.

The combi functions include hot air plus microwave for improved microwave efficiency. You can even grill using the fan plus microwave together for rapid, energy saving cooking. An ASKO Elements Combi Microwave Oven performs an enormous range of functions for a 45cm wide appliance, making it one of the most value-added kitchen helpers available.

Which microwave oven is best for me?

As with any appliance purchase, your needs should come first. Everyone has their preferred way of negotiating the kitchen and preparing meals, and if your appliances can satisfy the needs of other family members as well, household harmony and satisfaction is a very real possibility. The microwave oven you choose can be determined by the size of your existing kitchen, plans for renovation, and the other appliances you use.  

Due to their portability, microwave ovens are a common option for renters and people who move often. For example, the ASKO OM8456S Pro Series Microwave weighs only 31kg, yet is made of sturdy stainless steel, constructed to last for decades, and comprised of dozens of ingenious features that make cooking easy.

What should you consider when choosing a microwave?

When investigating modern microwaves designed and built by leading appliance manufacturers, you need to see the big picture. ASKO appliances work in tandem and multi-task, enabling chefs to fully tailor the culinary experience. On the other hand, if you require a single oven that can perform most kitchen tasks, a combi microwave oven is a choice that is sure to impress. Features of ASKO Combi Microwave Ovens include:

·        Dozens of functions, programs and modes

·        Baking, grilling and roasting to perfection

·        High definition digital touch screen display panel

·        Defrost, reheat, rapid preheat, keep-warm

·        XL cavity space for preparing large meals

·        Automated cooking and favourites saving function

What are the best features of ASKO microwave ovens?

ASKO appliances are designed with all sorts of users in mind – that’s why we have a large range of microwave ovens to choose from. ASKO microwaves perform all regular cooking duties, with the option of microwave power, allowing you to prepare tasty meals fast. In addition to the amazing cooking features, the energy saving ability of ASKO microwave ovens is a major selling point.

As energy bills rise, consumers look for smart ways to save money. ASKO are one step ahead, manufacturing appliances with the highest energy and water-star ratings, allowing users to save hundreds of dollars annually. In addition, an ASKO microwave with convection oven capabilities is a healthy way to use leftovers and tailor cooking to demand, saving you even more money.

Are combi steam ovens safe to use?

Health, safety and superior workmanship have been traits of ASKO since 1950, when Karl-Erik Andersson set out to build his mother a superior washing machine. Today, ASKO reaches the world from the same Swedish location, where famous Scandinavian manufacturing processes remain a major company focus.

ASKO Combi Steam Ovens are extremely safe to use. Hands-free cooking and cleaning is entirely possible thanks to automated settings, while specially designed doors and integrated style keep prying children away. The addition of Kid Safe lockable controls helps busy parents remain in control, while cleaning without chemicals is an ASKO innovation that helps everyone stay healthier.