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Combi Microwave Ovens

For built-in kitchen synchronicity and style, it’s hard to beat an ASKO 45cm Combi Microwave. Stand-alone microwaves are a thing of the past, with the new generation of ASKO Combi Microwave Ovens performing all regular cooking tasks in addition to traditional microwave processes. Combination microwave ovens offer fan-forced convection cooking and grilling with additional microwave power, giving you the option of speedy meal preparation without sacrificing taste.

What are the best features of combi microwave ovens?

As with all ASKO appliances, multifunctional components are built into the design. Every feature enables the chef to increase culinary output while decreasing the workload, and with an ASKO Combi Microwave that meets the highest standards of energy efficiency, you will save money every time you cook. There are dozens of features that make ASKO 45cm Combi Microwaves the right choice, with capabilities that include:

Combination oven and microwave: Versatility of four different cooking methods, with the oven adapting to become a microwave, fan forced convection oven, grill, or combined microwave/oven.

Vaulted cavity: The best of conventional oven features are included, such as the vaulted cavity for optimising air flow and even heat distribution.

Warming function: Progressive microwave technology provides superior results such as the warming function that uses an ingeniously concealed aerial system.

Big cooking capacity: The 50-litre ASKO Combi Microwave capacity facilitates serious power that makes cooking for the whole family a breeze.

Microwave with simmer function: Cutting-edge inverter technology regulates microwaves evenly for simmering sauces and liquids without the bubbling or splashing associated with unhygienic, outdated appliances.

How do you use the microwave function?

ASKO 45cm Combi Microwave Ovens feature dozens of programs, modes and other advantages, with convenience high on the priority list. Modern Australians are constantly on the go, making microwave cooking an attractive alternative to unsatisfying takeaways and fast foods.

The ASKO Microwave function can be used for wide-ranging cooking functions. When food is exposed to microwaves, heat is generated by rapid molecular movement that penetrates deep into foodstuffs without affecting their colour or shape. Microwaves are absorbed by water, fat and sugar molecules, ensuring a rapid cooking procedure.

Selecting the microwave function is easy using the high definition digital display panel. Navigate the menu selections by fingertip control aided by the visual display, and select ‘Microwaves’ mode for cooking, roasting or defrosting food. You can even choose Auto Mode that adjusts pre-set values such as cooking time and cooking intensity.

What foods can you cook in a combi microwave oven?

This is where ASKO 45cm Combi Microwave ovens stand tall. These ovens are small enough to be portable if you move to a new home, and are ideal for units, townhouses, holiday homes and guest facilities where tasty meals remain an important feature. Adaptable programs and cooking modes cover all culinary styles including:

·        Upper and Bottom Heaterideal for preparing pastry and meat

·        Grill for open sandwiches and toasty treats

·        Grill with Fanfor perfectly crisp au gratin crust

·        Hot Air and Bottom Heaterfor pizza, pastry and cakes

·        Eco Cookingmode for power saving while roasting or baking

·        Auto Roast mode using the grill and heater in tandem for a superior roast

Are combi microwave ovens simple to clean?

ASKO Combi Microwave innovations continue to work for you long after the cooking is finished. Quality manufacturing includes triple glass doors including a ‘microwave cool door’ that isolates the user from both microwaves and heat, and the convenient Aqua cleaning system means there is no need for scrubbing and scraping to recapture showroom appliance appeal.

The Aqua Clean function is hands-free and easy. This fully automated program uses targeted jets of intense steam to break down food residues and grime, and once the cycle is complete, you can simply wipe the oven interior dry with a cloth. Reluctance to prepare food in an unclean oven is a thing of the past when using ASKO 45cm Combi Microwave Ovens, with the full range of products available at leading Australian appliance retailers.