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How much water does a dishwasher use?

Water and energy-efficient appliances are in vogue, and the best appliances maximise performance, versatility and durability. ASKO dishwashers target grease and grime with personalised wash cycles and powerful jets of piping hot water for intense cleaning. Every feature of an ASKO dishwasher is designed for optimum water efficiency.

How much water does a dishwasher use?

High energy-star and water-star-rating ASKO dishwashers use as little as 10 litres of water and 1 kilowatt-hour of energy per load; a feat difficult to match while hand-washing the dishes. Pre-rinsing isn’t necessary with ASKO dishwashing, as your powerful appliance targets dishes with extremely hot water for a squeaky-clean finish. ASKO incorporates ingenious design features for tailored dishwashing, including:

·        Crystal Glass protection

·        Fully extendable telescopic rails

·        FlexiRacks for adaptable dishwashing

·        The Instant Lift height adjustment system

·        Knife holders for additional safety

·        A middle basket for smaller items

Although hand-washing is a reasonable alternative at times, ASKO dishwashers are in a whole other league. ASKO dishwashers clean faster and better using less water, saving you money with every dishwasher load.

Do ASKO dishwashers have water-saving features?

By purchasing the appropriate dishwasher for you home, you will automatically save water. An overused small dishwasher will ultimately use far more water than a large, energy-efficient ASKO dishwasher with a 6-star water rating. ASKO provides dozens of dishwasher options that adapt to modern households where meal times are staggered and dishes build up fast.

Easy-stacking, fully adjustable and automated self-cleaning dishwashers are the water-saving solution. ASKO built-in and fully integrated dishwashers provide seamless kitchen lines and smooth surfaces that are easily wiped clean, allowing your kitchen to look its best at all times.

ASKO dishwashing can be tailored to your exact requirements, with programs guided by fingertip control on the high-definition user interface. Harmony between form and function is an ASKO hallmark, allowing you to choose a dishwasher with the highest levels of energy and water-efficiency. Here are some standout features of ASKO dishwashers designed to save you time, energy and water.

·        Super Cleaning System+ that blasts away food particles with targeted hot water, without the need for pre-rinsing.

·        Extra Large Capacity for all types of kitchenware, plus adjustable and adaptable baskets and shelves.

·        Turbo Drying that eliminates moisture after dishwashing is complete, ensuring dishes and glasses are fully dry and free from streaks.

·        Flexible Racks that assist generous-sized ASKO X-Large and XX-Large dishwashers to maximise space for convenient loading and unloading.

·        Stainless-Steel components for hard-wearing cleaning capability and long-lasting durability even with the toughest of use.

Do dishwashers recycle water?

ASKO dishwashers are incredibly water efficient, and continue to recycle water for the duration of the wash. An ASKO dishwashing cycle uses less water than it takes to fill up the kitchen sink and wash the dishes by hand, and with extremely hot water targeted at dishes and pans, there is nowhere for food scraps and grime to hide. ASKO dishwashers are multifunctional appliances specially designed to reduce water and utility bills.

Do dishwashers heat the water they use?

With ASKO, the appliance automatically adjusts water temperature for optimum cleaning capability. ASKO dishwashers also boast adaptable programs, features and modes to enrich the dishwashing experience for superior results. By using your ASKO dishwasher as directed, you will save water with every wash, and your long-lasting appliance will continue to save you money for many years of reliable service.

What are the most energy and water-efficient dishwashers?

A visit to your local appliance showroom will reveal an impressive range of smart, contemporary products. You will also notice the high energy and water-star ratings on all ASKO appliances. Simply by choosing a quality ASKO dishwasher at the right price, you can save energy and water with every load, automatically lowering utility bills.

The ASKO dishwasher self-cleaning cycle is fully automated, allowing your household to hum along smoothly while your appliance cleans itself. ASKO Scandinavian appeal is popular in contemporary Australian homes where people appreciate products that are easy to use, easy to clean, and always look their best.