ASKO - Pricing


Home owners often make appliance purchase decisions based on price, although compromising on quality will only lead to disappointment. At ASKO, we off highly-regarded products for prices Australians can afford, including built-in and fully integrated dishwashers that perform powerfully and quietly for many years of reliable service.

How can I choose the best dishwasher in my price range?

ASKO are kitchen and laundry appliance specialists with an impressive, award-winning history. Due to the international reach of our well-known brand, ASKO is able to provide Australian customers with the complete range of state-of-the-art appliances. ASKO dishwashers are available in various sizes and configurations, with prices to match, ensuring everyone can experience superior ASKO performance.

The best dishwashers are represented in prestigious appliance retail showrooms around the country, and ASKO appliances stand out from the crowd. The smooth, minimalist exterior of ASKO dishwashers conceals precision engineering, solid stainless-steel components and specialised features that take over the workload for you.

Our nationally recognised sales and service teams are always close at hand for advice, assistance and repair, and with ASKO appliances covered by warranty, your dishwasher will always look great and function even better. Choosing the best dishwasher in your price range is easier than ever, and there are lots more reasons why ASKO is the right choice.

What are the most economical dishwashers?

The most economical dishwasher is the one that most accurately caters to the requirements of your household. That’s why ASKO have developed an entire dishwasher product range for every type of living situation. Your present kitchen configuration or plans for a new build will dictate the size of your built-in, fully integrated or under-counter dishwasher, and as Australian kitchens become more expansive, powerful and reciprocal kitchen appliance assistants become important purchasing considerations.

All ASKO dishwashers achieve enviable water and energy-star ratings, allowing customers to have confidence in their purchase. In addition, ASKO dishwashers have dozens of programs, functions and modes that assist users in tailoring the precise wash every time. Some innovative and economical ASKO dishwashing solutions include:

Super Cleaning System+: Pre-rinsing your dishes is a thing of the past when all you need to do is shake off the food scraps prior to loading dishes into the dishwasher.

Extra Large Capacity: Wash larger loads than ever with dishwashers designed for 82cm and 86cm cabinetry. Seamless design makes generous loading possible.

Turbo Drying: With this innovative feature, the dishwasher removes moisture once the cycle is complete, allowing dishes to dry, streaks to disappear and the dishwasher to remain clean and fragrant.

Flexible Racks: Another economical solution that allows users to do all the dishwashing at once using jet spray zones, flexible racks and the roomy, stainless cavity.

Self-Cleaning: For hygienic cleaning of the dishwasher cavity, spray arms, spray pipes and spray nozzles, all performed with the click of a button.

What makes ASKO dishwashers worth the investment?

Unlike inferior appliances, ASKO dishwashers last for many years, potentially saving users thousands of dollars. Immediate savings are of no value if the appliance doesn’t last, and your purchasing decision should focus on known appliance brands with reach all around the country.

Water and energy savings are automatic with every ASKO appliance purchase. Our products are designed and tested by dedicated ASKO engineers and manufacturers, and all our parts are sourced from reputable suppliers of highest-quality components and materials. Inside and out, ASKO dishwashers exude quality, and energy and water savings are just a few ways we make your ASKO investment worth it. 

Can ASKO dishwashers save you money?

As soon as you purchase an ASKO dishwasher you will begin to save money in comparison to other brands. Our appliances are so economical that even the most frugal person washing dishes by hand in a basin can’t match our minimal ASKO dishwasher water usage. Very little water is used, even for an entire load of items in a XX-Large ASKO dishwasher, as the powerful, dedicated spray jets and extremely hot water do all the hard work for you. 

What features contribute to the price of a dishwasher?

Possibly the most impressive feature of ASKO dishwashers is their affordability. This is particularly the case when you factor in the expected lifespan of your appliance plus the money saved with every use. On the other hand, top-line dishwashers are constructed using highest-quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and superior manufacturing processes that all impact price.

Remarkably, ASKO manages to keep appliances affordable, thanks to our broad customer base, superior products, and ongoing service and support. We take every opportunity to make our appliances more energy and water efficient, and we pass the savings directly onto our customers. At ASKO, we understand that everyone wants the best appliance for the best price, and the ASKO dishwasher range ticks all the right boxes.