ASKO - Installation


There are a lot of advantages in designing a kitchen around known-brand appliances. ASKO dishwashers, for example, are a standout performer built with commercial-quality components, enabling users to cook, clean and entertain the ASKO way, without raising a sweat. Installing an ASKO dishwasher is easy, and we provide the support and service to make it happen.

How can you install a dishwasher?

As with all appliances reliant on electricity or plumbing, it’s best to employ the services of qualified industry personnel. Your new ASKO dishwasher purchase is a smart one, and it’s not worth jeopardising your comprehensive warranty (or home insurance) if any electrical or plumbing mishap were to occur.

Fortunately, the uptake of ASKO appliances by Australian home owners and builders means that trained ASKO service personnel are nearby and ready to assist in all major metro areas. Your local ASKO representative can help with product selection, advice and installation, offering a service as seamless as the appliance itself. ASKO are solutions experts with the appliance user in mind, allowing us to serve you for the lifetime of your product.

How much will it cost to have my ASKO dishwasher installed?

This will depend on the type of dishwasher installation you require. For starters, the vast ASKO dishwasher range includes models suitable for built-in, fully integrated, and under-counter styling. In addition, you can choose from wide-ranging dishwasher interior designs along with exterior dimensions to match cabinetry specifications.

The location of your dishwasher in relation to plumbing, drainage and electricity will naturally impact the cost of having your ASKO dishwasher installed. However, it’s a job that is completed quickly by professionals, and within a couple of hours your dishwasher can be fully operational, fully integrated and totally awesome. ASKO appliances are gaining popularity for lots of good reasons, so visit your nearest quality appliance retailer to find out more about our innovative products.

Do I need a professional to install my dishwasher?

Although DIY is a valid way to save money in most household endeavours, appliance installation is in another category. Safety is the number one priority for every member of the family, so it’s simply not worth risking the health of your loved ones in order to save a few dollars. Installation, service and repair of the dishwasher should all be carried out by qualified professionals.

When installed using correct installation and connection procedures, your ASKO dishwasher is guaranteed to perform optimally. By following applicable regulations for water, drainage and electricity connections, your ASKO warranty is safeguarded and financial savings will become evident with every energy and water-efficient dishwashing load.

How long does it take for a dishwasher to be installed?

When employing the services of an ASKO installation expert, your entire kitchen can be up and running in no time. Your dishwasher can be part of an integrated plan that maximises culinary output without sacrificing on cleanliness or wasting time and energy. ASKO understands the needs of modern households where everyone is on their own schedule and versatile solutions are required.

With ASKO, every phase of your appliance purchase, delivery and installation can be co-ordinated with your local ASKO representative. Simply contact your ASKO installation expert online or over the phone, and we will make a date and time that suits your schedule to discuss all your exciting ASKO options. Our reputation is built on the satisfaction of customers, and the dramatic uptake of ASKO appliances by Australian consumers provides certainty that you are installing the right product.