ASKO - Fully Integrated Dishwashers From ASKO Are Seamless Kitchen Solutions!


ASKO Fully Integrated Dishwasher DFI654BXXL

WELS Registration Number: D02085 

WELS rating: 5 stars, 12.2L/wash. Energy rating: 3.5 stars, 295 kWh per year. 

When you need a little extra dishwasher functionality, it’s worth considering a XXL 86cm appliance with plenty of space and lots of power. The ASKO DFI654BXXL Fully Integrated Dishwasher is a standout performer and showpiece for displaying the best appliances in contemporary Australian kitchens.

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What is a fully integrated dishwasher?

Home buyers make a bee-line to the kitchen when visiting show homes and display villages. The first thing that meets the eye is seamless coordination. The best kitchens also utilise progressive technology, allowing every appliance to fit snugly within cabinetry. Fully integrated dishwashers provide an unbroken visual line, creating the impression of space and classiness. 

The fully integrated dishwasher door matches surrounding cupboards and cabinets. The handle and fittings can also be designed to disappear within kitchen styling, allowing you to maximise kitchen efficiency, create roomy appeal, and get on with the best ASKO meals preparation.

Fully integrated dishwashers are popular in minimalist kitchens where seamless manufacture and clean lines are favoured. ASKO appliances are perfect for home chefs who appreciate commercial quality products, and the DFI654BXXL Dishwasher is a powerful appliance worth serious consideration. ASKO fully integrated dishwashers provide impressive programs, functions and modes, with the easy-to-navigate LED control panel discreetly concealed within the door.

What should you consider when choosing a dishwasher?

The size of your household will dictate some decisions, such as dishwasher size. ASKO fully integrated dishwashers are available XL or XXL size, providing energy and water-efficient use for medium and large size families. Your fully integrated dishwasher can be a co-ordinated décor decision, allowing you and your designer to plan a smart ASKO Pro Series kitchen for increased functionality.

Your fully integrated dishwasher will add class while saving you time. There is nowhere for food scraps and spills to accumulate, while self-cleaning programs keep the dishwasher interior always clean and fresh. ASKO appliances are multifunctional powerhouses, and the Fully Integrated DFI654BXXL Dishwasher has an impressive array of features, including:

·        15 place settings

·        Sensi Clean Sensor – dirtiness level detector

·        Super Cleaning System+

·        Turbo Drying – fan assisted moist air extraction

·        3 spray arms

·        9 spray zones

·        3 basket levels

·        Jet Spray for tall objects

·        Wide Spray for pots and pans

·        Power Zone for the cutlery basket

The ASKO DFI654BXXL Fully Integrated Dishwasher is much more than a kitchen add-on. With advantages that include Eco Wash; Hygiene Wash; Plastic Wash; Sanitation Wash; Quick Pro Wash and Self-cleaning with high temperature, it’s easy to see why ASKO is becoming Australia’s favourite kitchen appliance manufacturer.

How is a fully integrated dishwasher installed?

Fully integrated dishwashers are connected to household electricity and plumbing, making the service of experienced tradespersons an essential stage of installation. The connections don’t take long to establish, and you will be up and running in no time, with a separate hot water flow for dishwashing versatility. Fully integrated dishwashers are becoming common in Australian homes, often factored in during the planning stage.

Fully integrated dishwashers fit into a standard cupboard cavity, with the exterior of the dishwasher door discreetly matching new or existing cabinetry. Seamless design and maximum functionality is possible with ASKO products that attract the eye without distracting your attention. Dishwashing applications continue to evolve, and with ASKO on your side, you are certain to be reaping the benefits.

How much water does this dishwasher use?

ASKO integrated dishwashers incorporate the best of minimalist Scandinavian design, while also including an astounding array of features. ASKO remain environmentally conscious in their approach to manufacture, including water-wise solutions to minimise waste. The multifunctional capability of the DFI654BXXL Dishwasher offers major water saving ideas, with every wash cycle personalised for exacting needs.

In addition, the ASKO DFI654BXXL Fully Integrated Dishwasher has 3 spray arms and 9 spray zones for blasting all food residue away in a single wash cycle. This means you don’t need to waste time pre-rinsing dishes, with the additional water savings all adding up. Achieving a 5-star water rating, this dishwasher is a seriously powerful machine with commercial quality cleaning for the home kitchen.  

Weighing 47.5kg, the ASKO DFI654BXXL Fully Integrated Dishwasher is robust and strong, with stainless steel components that include the dishwasher lining, spray arms, water connections, FlexiRacks, wine glass holders, filters and more. The self-cleaning program is just one of 13 programs that aids functionality using quality materials, state of the art technology, and superior manufacturing capabilities.

How do you clean this dishwasher?

ASKO innovations include a self-cleaning mode among the program selections. The LED digital control panel is simple to use, and at the push of a button you can walk away and let your dishwasher do all the hard work. Stainless steel components handle tough cleaning, while water is filtered out via the anti-block drain pump.

Turbo Drying is another great way to keep your ASKO dishwasher always clean and fresh. With this feature, hot air is pumped in after the dishwashing cycle is complete, facilitating rapid drying without stains or streaks. The addition of shorter drying times and a dishwasher that always gleams are incentives that make a persuasive dishwashing statement. 

General description

Drying method: Turbo Drying™ - Fan assisted moist air extraction
Installation type: Fully integrated
Size: XXL, 86 cm
Number of baskets: 3
Number of place settings: 15 place settings
Icons: 8 Steel™ Construction, SCS+ (Super Cleaning System+)
Top cutlery tray: Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Rack for knives (top); Rack for bowls (top); Telescopic rails for top tray; Handle (top)
Upper rack type: Premium - two foldable wine shelves, fixed pin rows and one foldable glass support
Lower rack type: Premium - foldable pin rows


Construction & Performance

Exterior float
8 Steel™ construction
Hidden heater
SCS+ (Super Cleaning System+)
Sensi Clean™ Sensor - detects the dirtiness level
Number of spray arms: 3
Number of spray zones: 9

Use & Flexibility

Number of place settings: 15 place settings
Number of baskets: 3
Top cutlery tray: Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Top Tray with Instant Lift™; Rack for knives (top); Rack for bowls (top); Telescopic rails for top tray; Handle (top)
Upper rack type: Premium - two foldable wine shelves, fixed pin rows and one foldable glass support
Easy sliding telescope rails with ball bearings for the upper basket
Lower rack type: Premium - foldable pin rows
Dense basket wiring in both upper and lower basket
Required inlet water pressure: 0,03-1 MPa

Interaction & Control

Display type: LCD display
Customizable programs: Program memory
Number of programs: 13

Programs, options and modes

13 programs: Auto wash; Eco wash; Hygiene wash; Time program; Plastic wash; Heavy wash; Rinse and hold; Sanitation wash; Upper half wash; Lower half wash; Crystal glass; Quick Pro wash; Self-cleaning
Delayed start: Variable start delay up to 24 hours
Super rinse
Time set
Green mode
Speed mode
Night mode
Intensive mode
Extra dry
High temperature
Super rinse

Design & Integration

From front adjustable door spring
From front adjustable rear foot
Velcro strips - easy mounting of door panel
Water connection: Size: 3/4" Can be connected to hot or cold water
Depth (incl. wall spacing): 560 mm
Height setting: 50 mm
Kick plate adjustable depth: 30-94 mm

Safety & Maintenance

Aqua Safe™
Kid Safe™ - panel
Rinse-aid indication: Notification in display


Technical data

Water connection: Size: 3/4" Can be connected to hot or cold water
Max. temperature of inflow water: 70 °C
Noise level: 42 dB(A)re 1 pW
Reference program: 1
Total cycle time of reference program (min): 169 min
Estimated yearly energy consumption: 295 kWh
Energy consumption reference program: 0,78 kWh
Energy stars: 3,5
Water stars: 5
Water consumption: 12,2 l
Consumption in off mode: 0,5 W
Consumption in standby mode: 2,2 W
Connection rating: 2000 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Current: 10 amp
Frequency: 50 Hz
Required inlet water pressure: 0,03-1 MPa
Net weight: 47,5 kg
Marked for recycling: Yes
ISO 14001: Yes


Width: 596 mm
Height: 859 mm
Depth: 559 mm
Length electrical cord: 1825 mm
Depth with door open: 1238 mm
Length inlet hose: 163 mm
Length outlet hose: 200 mm

Logistic information

Packaging width: 640 mm
Packaging height: 930 mm
Packaging depth: 680 mm
Gross weight: 51,1 kg
Product code: 729064
EAN code: 3838782069543