ASKO - XXL Dishwashers -ASKO Has The Largest Loading Capacities On The Market

XXL Dishwashers

82cm Dishwashers
ASKO standard models have an external height of 82cm and a total loading height of 54cm. As illustrated above, models with height adjustable baskets can adjust to allow for larger items to fit (up to 35cm on the bottom tray).

86cm XXL Dishwashers
Our XXL models have an external height of 86cm and a large loading height of 58cm, giving you one of the largest loading capacities on the market. Our new generation XXL models include: DFI654BXXL, DFI666GXXL, DBI654IBXXLS and DBI865IGXXLS.  

One of the world’s largest loading capacities

With the improvements we have made in our rack systems, our XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 16 place settings with perfect cleaning and drying results. Our advanced basket systems also offer the flexibility for you to load large and odd shaped items such as pots, vases and serving dishes with ease.

ASKO's FlexiRack Solution

Flexi Tray™, with its own spray arm and space for sixteen place settings of cutlery, or other utensils. The width of the Flexi Tray™has been optimised to make room for tall glasses in the upper basket. If more space is needed, simply take it out (only available on selected models).

An impressive loading height

Our exclusive upper baskets can be any way you want them. Place wine glasses in the folding and detachable wine glass holders. Put plates in the plate rack or fold down all the support and load the entire basket with gratin dishes. Fold up all the support once again and fill with just glasses. If you need more space in the baskets below, it can be raised up easily and then lowered again when you want to load taller objects.