ASKO - Buying


Every appliance you choose should add to overall household efficiency, adaptability and output. Progressive appliances are designed and manufactured to assist the user for years of reliable service, and ASKO dishwashers are an example of a top-line brand providing the full package so Australians can buy quality products at affordable prices.

Which dishwasher should I buy?

There are a lot of dishwasher options for personalising kitchens of all sizes and styles. Naturally, Australian consumers expect a good deal, and dishwasher brands price their goods accordingly, but your purchasing decision shouldn’t be based on price alone. In fact, it’s usually wiser to save up a little longer in order to buy a premium product from a known brand with a loyal customer base and long service history, such as ASKO.

A visit to your local appliance showroom should provide you with an introduction to ASKO appliances favoured by Australians. When purchasing an ASKO product, you gain access to national and international sales, installation, service and repair personnel who are all ASKO-trained, allowing you to appreciate uninterrupted performance for the lifetime of your dishwasher.

What features should I look for when buying a dishwasher?

When considering what dishwasher to buy, it pays to look at the big picture. Your built-in, fully integrated or under-counter ASKO dishwasher has been designed and constructed by a world-leading appliance manufacturer, and the materials used are as important as the inbuilt dishwasher features. In addition, quality manufacturers use single-piece components, seamless engineering and a superior finish for hard-wearing durability and a long life.

ASKO appliance users appreciate reciprocation, where the dishwasher program can be tailored for the convenience of a single person home alone, or a major occasion where powerful washing is required to meet the needs of family and friends. Another major feature of ASKO dishwashers is their quiet operation, allowing you to fully appreciate meal times while your ASKO appliance works efficiently away in the background.

ASKO dishwasher features introduce users to a whole new world of appliances that can be pre-programmed, adjusted or fully-automated, depending on your exacting dishwashing requirements. Standout features of ASKO dishwashers include:

·        More than a dozen place settings for all washable items

·        Turbo Drying fain assisted moist air extraction

·        Flexi Tray with Instant Lift for maximising the load and saving water

·        Power Zone and Wide Spray Zone for pots, pans and cutlery

·        Touch-screen display for personalised programs, delayed start and time-saving

·        Normal wash; Eco wash; Rinse and hold; Daily wash; Heavy wash; High temperature

When should I buy a new dishwasher?

You may consider hanging on to your old dishwasher a sound financial strategy, but there is every possibility you are losing money with every wash. Older appliances are incredibly wasteful and aren’t recognised on any energy or water-wise scale. In other words, your older dishwasher, although possibly still functioning, will waste hundreds of dollars of electricity and water every year with regular use.

The alternative is to purchase a new ASKO appliance, where the initial investment is repaid for the entire lifespan of your product. ASKO development is a multifunctional approach, where every component performs several tasks for superior operation, energy efficiency and long-lasting sustainability. In addition, ASKO appliances are compatible with each other and can be fully integrated for an impressively stylish and productive kitchen.

If you are in the process of a new build or renovation, it’s the right time to investigate the amazing appliance options ASKO offers and elevate your contemporary living solutions to an entirely new level.

What dishwashers are the most energy-efficient?

Your dishwasher needs high energy and water-star ratings to be energy-efficient. Fortunately, all ASKO appliances achieve highest levels of energy and water efficiency, allowing users to purchase an appliance with confidence. When your savings can run into hundreds of dollars annually, the additional expense in purchasing a premium appliance is soon paid back, and consistently good dishwashing results are always appreciated.

What is the best size of dishwasher to buy?

The size of the dishwasher you buy should be determined by your household requirements. As ASKO appliances last for many years, your dishwasher can be a permanent installation, or move with you to your next address.

ASKO dishwashers are incredibly powerful and designed to maximise dishwashing capability using dozens of ingeniously concealed features, and whether you require a smaller dishwasher for a single-person household, or a XX-Large dishwasher for tackling the heavy stuff, ASKO is up to the task and ready for action.