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Best dishwashers

Everyone likes to own the best appliance brands and products, so finding a manufacturer that consistently creates optimum-performing dishwashers and other appliances is a good first step toward your purchasing decision. ASKO has a history of superior appliance manufacturing since 1950, and the dramatic uptake of ASKO products by Australian home owners is a positive sign that consumers are discovering the best dishwashers available.

How do you choose the best dishwasher for your needs?

When purchasing an appliance, it’s important not to get swayed by smooth sales talk or corralled into making a wrong purchasing decision. That’s why ASKO provides advice, guides, resources, online manuals and wide-ranging dishwasher options. ASKO appliances are built to last, and we make sure you have our support for the entire lifetime of your product.

Every home is different, and while some Australian families enjoy traditional meal times together, it’s more common these days for every family member to be running their own program and schedule. ASKO understands the dynamic and introduces users to multifunctional dishwasher appliances that can adapt to changing circumstances.

The days of single-dimensional, inflexible appliances are over, and ASKO ingenuity is leading the change. Our dishwashers are available in a range of sizes, configurations and styles, allowing home-owners to mix-and-match the perfect appliance for a productive and attractive kitchen. Visit your nearest reputable appliance showroom and you will begin to discover the full potential of ASKO appliance versatility.

What is the best dishwasher for my budget?

ASKO solutions include appliances suitable for people on a modest budget, along with top-line products for home owners with a little more to spend. Your purchasing decisions will also be governed by your kitchen space and configuration, and whether you are looking for a built-in, fully integrated or under-counter dishwasher.

The dimensions of existing kitchen cabinetry or your building plans will also play a role, as most people like their dishwasher to fit snugly within the overall design. ASKO dishwashers all favour a large cavity space where shelves are adaptable, and super-hot jet spray can be targeted toward specific cleaning duties. The ASKO dishwasher range is vast, with models specifically designed to suit Australian budgets. Dishwashers perfect for smaller households include:

D5536FI Fully Integrated Dishwasher: This 2-basket dishwasher performs powerfully, using a Sensi Clean Sensor that detects dirtiness level, plus 5 spray zones, 8 program modes and delayed start.

D5424 Built-In Dishwasher: This smaller powerhouse provides a versatile dishwashing experience including heavy wash, high temperature and long dry modes. In other words, the dishwasher can behave according to your needs, including auto wash, quick wash, eco wash and daily wash.

ASKO dishwasher options include mid-sized models, where sturdy, heavy-duty components add stability during intense cleaning action. Perfect for regular families and households, ASKO dishwashers provide performance that rivals commercial products, with large cavity designs including:

 D5646SSBuilt-In Dishwasher: Another great example of ASKO ingenuity, where the minimalist Scandinavian-style exterior conceals tremendous power and functionality. With 3 spray arms and 9 spray zones, plus 12 programs and delayed start, dishwashing has never been easier.

What is the best dishwasher for families?

When it comes to household appliances boasting commercial capabilities, ASKO products can’t be beaten. Our XX-Large range of dishwashers has transformed the way kitchens are designed and utilised, and when your ASKO dishwasher is installed in tandem with other ASKO appliances as part of a new kitchen build, your culinary potential is unlimited.

If you are looking for a reliable, long-lasting and multifunctional appliance as an alternative to the inefficient counterparts of yesteryear, look no further than ASKO’s top-line dishwashers that include:

DFI666GXXL Fully Integrated Dishwasher: Dozens of convenient user features, programs and modes make this ASKO dishwasher a superior experience. Designed for extra-large loading, this dishwasher has 4 baskets, 16 place settings and 13 programs to facilitate every type of wash, rinse and self-clean function.

DBI865IGXXLS Built-In Dishwasher: If dishwasher power, performance and functionality are your dishwasher expectations, this appliance delivers on all fronts. The 13 different programs include green mode, speed mode, intensive mode and night mode for environmentally-friendly, tailored dishwashing with every load.

What are the best features of ASKO dishwashers?

ASKO dishwashers have dozens of useful features, modes and programs that all work together in synchronized harmony. A major reason for the success of ASKO is our dedication to coupling versatile dishwasher components and utilities for enhanced cleaning power. However, there are some ASKO dishwasher features that stand out from the competition, including:

·        Super Cleaning System+ that pre-rinses the dishes for you

·        Turbo Drying for total elimination of moisture and a streak-free finish

·        Flexible racks for convenient and stable loading, washing and unloading

·        Fully extendable telescopic rails manufactured from sturdy, stainless-steel

·        Extra-large capacity of up to 86cm, further increasing ASKO dishwasher potential

What makes ASKO dishwashers the best choice?

There are a lot of appliance brands on the market, and new manufacturers arise with regularity. However, there are very few appliance brands that have stood the test of time, and the only way to do that is by consistently providing superior products for consumers. ASKO has been developing the most progressive and durable appliances since the ASKO concept began to form way back in 1950.

With many decades of reliability and customer satisfaction on our side, plus increasing uptake of high-quality ASKO products all around Australia, it’s easy to understand why many consumers consider ASKO dishwashers the best choice.