ASKO - Features


Modern appliance choices include dishwashers with adaptable program options, seamless integration, sturdy manufacture and showroom-style appeal. ASKO dishwashers showcase form and features that attract attention for all the right reasons, using Scandinavian ingenuity and innovations to maximise appliance capability in contemporary Australian homes.

What features should I look for when buying a dishwasher?

As with all appliances, you will need to ascertain your household requirements to ensure optimum performance with minimal energy/water consumption. The energy and water-star ratings of the dishwasher should impact decision making as there is potential to save hundreds of dollars yearly on energy bills.

All ASKO dishwashers achieve optimum energy and water use, enabling other features of the appliance to benefit, such as intense, targeted hot water jets that clean deeper and more efficiently than tender human hands can. ASKO dishwashers are progressive and innovative, including design and manufacture features that ensure stable, quiet operation during heavy-duty use by large Australian families.   

What are the best features of ASKO dishwashers?

Every ASKO dishwasher has its own unique set of features and programs. ASKO dishwashers are adaptable, allowing users to personalise appliance operation, and there are some features that are simply unmatched by the competition, including:

Super Cleaning System+ that makes pre-rinsing dishes a thing of the past by blasting away food particles with targeted hot water.

Extra Large Capacity that provides plenty of space for all types of kitchenware and includes adjustable and adaptable baskets and shelves.

Turbo Drying that eliminates moisture after dishwashing is complete, allowing dishes and glasses to remain dry and free from streaks.

Flexible Racks that assist users of X-Large and XX-Large ASKO dishwashers to maximise space and make loading/unloading a breeze.

Seamless Stainless-Steel components and accessories for superior cleaning capability and long-lasting durability even with the toughest of use.

The above are just a few of the standard ASKO Dishwasher features that stand out from the competition and allow Australian home owners to experience the best Scandinavian appliances. ASKO dishwashers are a quantum leap from outdated appliances and include the perfect synchronicity between technological innovation and manufacturing expertise.

What are the most helpful features for families?

The range of ASKO dishwasher options for Australian customers is proof of our dedication to personalising products for every situation. ASKO built-in, fully integrated or under-counter dishwashers have the timeless appeal that Scandinavian simplicity provides, while concealing incredible dishwashing power behind the scenes. Seamless manufacture, convenient loading, adaptable programs, self-cleaning functions and more make the ASKO experience ideal for all the family, while additional safety features ensure inquisitive youngsters are locked-out of dishwasher access. Outstanding ASKO dishwasher features for families include:

·        More than a dozen place settings for all washable items

·        Turbo Drying fan assisted moist air extraction

·        Flexi Tray with Instant Lift for maximising the load and saving water

·        Power Zone and Wide Spray Zone for pots, pans and cutlery

·        Touch-screen display for personalised programs, delayed start and time-saving

·        Normal wash; Eco wash; Rinse and hold; Daily wash; Heavy wash; High temperature

What dishwasher features can help save you time?

In a busy world, appliances that save time and make life convenient are highly prized. ASKO developers respond to changing consumer needs by developing dishwashers that are fully automated and entirely programmable, including time-saving functions that also save money.

ASKO time-saving features are ingenious, including the Sensi Clean Sensor for detecting dirtiness levels, additional spray arms and spray zones and adjustable basket configurations to maximise space. Tailored programs include the Time program; Quick Pro wash; Night mode; Intensive mode; Eco wash and Hygiene wash, allowing users to maximise efficiency and save time with every dishwasher load.

What dishwasher features help conserve energy?

Every feature of your ASKO dishwasher has been developed for optimum energy efficiency. Seamless construction means heat is trapped where it belongs, and every phase of the dishwashing process is guided by intelligent appliance technology. ASKO dishwashers precisely regulate water temperature, wash cycle duration and the drying cycle to ensure perfect results aren’t sacrificed even while energy is being conserved.

ASKO is a manufacturer dedicated to creating the best kitchen and laundry appliances. Our targeted focus is being rewarded by an entirely new generation of Australians who demand quality products at the right price. The ASKO dishwasher range is an impressive example of progressive appliance design where every component and feature works in synchronized harmony to conserve energy while delivering superior dishwashing results.