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When researching dishwasher options, it’s worth exploring the reviews of various manufacturers and models. However, in a world where even ordinary things are over-hyped it’s difficult to find honest feedback. Sticking to known brands with a reputation for quality, such as ASKO dishwashers, will ensure your appliance performs to expectations, while also creating an open, inviting kitchen experience that everyone will appreciate.

What dishwashers have the best reviews?

When it comes to favourite appliances in Australian homes, the voice of public opinion carries a lot of weight. Long established manufacturers such as ASKO understand that appliances need to look great and function seamlessly for many years of reliable service in order to satisfy customer expectations. The best brands also provide dishwasher options that include built-in, fully-integrated and XX large styles.

The minimalist and sleek design of ASKO dishwashers strikes a chord with Australian home owners who want to create inviting and entertaining spaces. When Integrated with countertops and cabinets, adaptable for large and small items and incredibly water and energy-efficient, it’s easy to understand why ASKO dishwashers consistently receive the best reviews from Australian chefs, builders and home owners.

What makes ASKO dishwashers the best choice?

Although the initial enthusiasm for household appliance convenience caused a lifestyle revolution, there came a time when inferior products flooded the market, with unwitting consumers purchasing appliances that quickly wore out, performed inefficiently, and ultimately broke down. Fortunately, times have changed and specialist appliance manufacturers such as ASKO have achieved world-renown for all the right reasons.

A broken, flimsy, old-fashioned dishwasher is an unattractive waste of space; a scenario seen all too often in poorly designed kitchens. Your dishwasher and other appliances are meant to work for you, save you time and make life easier: tasks that ASKO dishwashers achieve in style.

ASKO dishwashers, with large and extra-large cavity spaces, are built to fit within regular kitchen cabinetry, and are ideal as a fully integrated showpiece in a new kitchen build or renovation. All ASKO dishwashers achieve high water and energy-efficiency ratings and are built using durable components and fully recyclable materials. ASKO appliances are constructed to last, saving you money with every wash, looking seamless and smooth while purring along for many years of reliable service.  

How do I find out which dishwasher is the best?

When researching dishwasher reviews, you will discover that inferior products receive variable and inconsistent reviews. Top-line, high-quality products, on the other hand, consistently receive rave reviews and five-star ratings. Quality is impossible to imitate, making the decision to choose a well known Scandinavian brand with an enviable worldwide reputation a smart choice. The choice is ASKO.

Some consumers are reluctant to purchase a dishwasher due to a previous poor user experience. It’s worth understanding that times have changed and the dishwashers of today bear little resemblance to their counterparts of yesteryear. ASKO dishwashers consistently receive high reviews thanks to innovative features that include:

· Up to 16 place settings

· Up to 4 basket levels

· Easy-sliding telescopic rails

· Up to 10 spray zones and multiple spray arms

· Power zone; Jet spray; Wide spray

· TFT and LCD display panels

· Sound and display feedback settings

· Dozens of wash programs, options and modes

What should I look for in a dishwasher?

Although it’s difficult for the untrained eye to discern quality from a cheap imitation, the shortcomings of inferior products soon become obvious. Your initial inspection of showroom products should include investigation of energy and water-star ratings. This is important, as efficient appliances will save you money during their entire lifespan. You can also begin to narrow down your options by focusing on built-in, fully-integrated or under the counter styles.

It’s important to explore the advantages of well-known dishwasher brands and speak to appliance users for more inspiration. The best manufacturers provide wide-ranging appliance choices, nationally recognised representation, and after-sales service performed by trained professionals. When appliances are built to last, it’s important to establish lasting relationships with the best sales and service team for advice, assistance and long-term back-up.

Where can I view dishwashers in store?

Quality Scandinavian designed appliances are always in vogue, and Australians are increasingly discovering the benefits. The union between technology and manufacturing is only useful if it’s engineered by dedicated appliance innovators, and ASKO is leading the way with versatile, stylish appliances that make life easier.

Australia’s best appliance retailers and showrooms all showcase ASKO dishwashers and other appliances. ASKO products attract the eye with smooth lines and minimalist appeal, while further investigation will uncover an entirely new dishwashing experience. We believe in offering Australians a dedicated range of powerful and versatile dishwashers, with many of the best examples available in a retail showroom or store near you. Check out our products and experience the ASKO difference today.