ASKO - Which cooktop is best?

Which cooktop is best?

Of all areas of the house experiencing technology-based change, the kitchen benefits most. Smart appliances and products that function with integrated harmony are in style, allowing ASKO to showcase the entire range of gas or induction cooktops best for Australian homes. The options are exciting, delivering greater cooking potential than ever, with energy-efficient reliability.

Gas vs Induction cooktops. What should you pick?

If you are building a new home or considering upgrading your present residence, it’s time to choose appliances. One of the biggest decisions to make is the choice between a gas or induction cooktop, both having advantages worth considering. Fortunately, the ASKO range has been designed for personalised style, and you can even choose an induction cooktop and Fusion Volcano wok burner combination for amazing adaptability.

Advantages of induction cooktops

·        No wasted heat as energy is directed to the cooking vessel. Induction cooktops save energy.

·        The cooktop remains cool as heat is only conducted through the cookware. Injuries are prevented in a more kid-friendly kitchen.

·        Safety features of induction cooktops include them being much less of a fire hazard. Magnetic induction won’t heat most items accidently left on the cooktop.

Advantages of gas cooktops

·        No power loss even if there is an electricity blackout. If you are using gas you can keep on cooking even when the lights go out.

·        Low heat emission, allowing the entire kitchen to start cooling down the moment the gas cooktop is turned off.

·        Accurate and immediate cooking temperature adjustment visually aided by the gas flame.

The above considerations are just the beginning of ASKO Cooktop exploration. Every ASKO appliance aims to satisfy dozens of specialised cooking tasks to make your life easier and meals tastier.

What is the difference between gas and induction cooking?

ASKO appliance developers prefer to give you personalised options, rather than telling you which product to buy. Most Australians are familiar with gas ovens and cooktops, although times have changed, and progressive ASKO Cooktops are in a league of their own. Induction cooking is a whole new field in domestic kitchens, and ASKO Induction Cooktops are some of the best.

ASKO Induction Cooktops are examples of minimalist appeal that conceals maximised power and versatility. You can even get the best of both worlds by combining gas and induction features on the same cooktop. For example, the HIG1995AD Cooktop advantages might sway your decision.

·        Stylish ceramic glass finish

·        12 power levels and boost function

·        Individual timers and pause function

·        Bridge zones for expansive cooking potential

·        Fusion Volcano wok burner with extra supports for wok pots

·        Seamless construction for easy maintenance and effortless cleaning

What cooktop is more efficient?

A lot will depend on how you intend to use your cooktop. If you have a large family who occasionally come together for shared meal times, an induction cooktop with bridge zones is ideal. You can join cook-zones together for accommodating larger pots, trays and cooking vessels, and make certain everyone is well fed.

On the other hand, any cooktop that boasts a Fusion Volcano wok burner is always ready for action, and with the rise in popularity of Asian cuisines, your skills are sure to be in demand. Every ASKO cooktop achieves high energy-star ratings, and with energy costs always a concern, saving hundreds of dollars per year using an ASKO cooktop makes good financial sense.

What are the cooking benefits of gas and induction cooktops?

ASKO Gas Cooktops are extremely popular with people who are accustomed to BBQ style cooking, Asian cooking and other styles where a visible flame provides guidance. All ASKO Gas Cooktops are constructed using sturdy single piece cast-iron and stainless-steel components wherever possible. In other words, ASKO gas cooktops are easy to use, easy to maintain, and can last for life.

Induction cooktops are a no-mess solution. There is no chance of sooty build-up on pots and pans, while the cool cooktop ensures food spills and splashes don’t burn and stick to the surface. With dozens of ASKO appliance options available, you are in control of kitchen design and use that suits your lifestyle.