ASKO - The new HIG1944 Duo Fusion II from ASKO

The new HIG1944 Duo Fusion II from ASKO

Combining gas and induction for the best of both worlds

ASKO’s Duo Fusion II is a unique 90cm cooktop combining two energy sources – induction and gas cooking - in the one unit. The result is one of the most flexible cooktops on the market. 

Duo Fusion II includes the powerful ASKO Volcano wok burner. The flexibility of the cooktop allows you to concentrate on wok cooking while an induction auto program prepares complementary aspects of the meal.  

Below, chef and ASKO ambassador, Adam Liaw, shows how easy it is to use the new Duo Fusion II to create restaurant quality dishes in your own kitchen. 

The cooktop is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen (view our cooktop range) so it pays to choose a quality product that is timeless, long-lasting and serves the cook’s needs. There are many things to consider when purchasing a new cooktop including design, performance and cost. One of the main dilemmas is whether to opt for a gas or induction model but with the Duo Fusion II this dilemma is solved. The benefits of cooking with gas and induction are combined in the Duo Fusion II with the cooktop offering the following features: 

Fusion Volcano Wok Burner

The pure flame has long been a favourite among serious chefs and ASKO’s Volcano wok burner builds on this tradition, but with a new level of performance and eye-catching design. Although many people use woks on standard gas cooktops, the flame is usually too weak, the supports too flimsy and the burner rings too small. The Volcano gas flame is fully controllable with a wide heating range and high output. This allows you to cook faster and more economically for the best possible cooking experience.  

As well as having the Volcano function with directed flame, the Fusion Volcano Wok burner has an additional outer flame for larger pots and a simmer setting for lower heat cooking. This can be used, for instance, to keep a small pot containing sauce just below boiling point.

"Cooking with gas is best when you want to keep tossing the pan as the open flame continues to heat the cookware" - Adam Liaw. 

Bridge Induction

Sitting seamlessly in the center of the cooktop, the bridge induction zone offers two induction cooking options. You can choose to cook on the two smaller individual zones or combine both into one large cooking area via the bridging function. Bridging provides the capacity to utilise the entire induction space for very large pots and pans. The bridge zone is also ideal for odd shaped cookware.  

Induction cooking utilises a magnetic field which directs energy (i.e. heat) directly under the cookware allowing for instant and precise heat adjustment. The remaining induction zone remains unheated therefore providing safety and energy efficiency alongside heating precision. 

The bridge induction zone can be used with the ASKO Teppanyaki and Grill plates.

Intuitive controls

The Duo Fusion II offers four individual digital controls for controlling each cooking area. Focusing on minimalist Scandinavian design, these controls appear simple at first but offer a vast array of functions and features including many pre-programmed auto functions. 

The fusion volcano wok burner is controlled by the left most dial which offers thirteen different functions including slide controls, a searing indicator and a timer indicator. Second from left activates the first bridge induction zone with the top zone controlled by the next dial. The circular induction zone is controlled by the fourth dial.  

A pause symbol (to halt cooking temporarily) and a key symbol (the child lock and eco standby function) are displayed in the cooktop center.  

Automatic pan detection is a useful feature of the Duo Fusion II which activates a corresponding cooking zone when a pan is detected (allowing for immediate operation). When the pan is removed, the zone will pause and start again when the pan is placed back. 

Matt black glass finish

Both cooking methods - induction and gas - are combined into one piece of 6 mm ceramic glass to create the Duo Fusion II. The aesthetic finish of the cooktop allows it to both blend seamlessly into a kitchen whilst also functioning as a statement design piece. 

Time consuming and frustrating attempts at cleaning a cooktop are a thing of the past with the Duo Fusion II. The glass surface around active induction zones does not heat up meaning spills cannot burn into the glass and with a fingerprint proof surface the cooktop will stay looking like new for many years to come.  

The easy to clean surface is effectively cleaned with nothing more than a damp cloth, a mild cleaning agent and everyday paper towels, there is no need for harsh chemicals or abrasives.  
The Duo Fusion II can turn ordinary everyday food into gourmet masterchef inspired meals. The flexibility of the cooktop and intuitive operation will inspire you to try new things and experiment with your traditional approach to cooking. Using a wok and introducing stir fry cooking into your home can add a new dimension to how you prepare meals.   

Stir-fry cooking involves quickly frying in a little bit of oil, over high heat, meat and/or fish and vegetables, while stirring/mixing/tossing the ingredients. The short cooking time and high temperature mean that the taste and nutrients of each ingredient are retained. If you do it really well, you will get that special aroma which will more or less remind you of a barbecue: wok hei.


Starting with the right ingredients is key to creating the perfect tasty meal. Super-fresh ingredients, a glowing hot wok and lightning-speed preparation are three golden rules for wok cooking, it will make the difference between you cooking a simple wok dish and a wok dish that sets your pan sizzling. 

In Chinese cuisine mainly extremely fresh, unprocessed ingredients are used, preferably seasonal. They will be fresher, tastier and crunchier than, for instance, prepacked vegetables in plastic or a can. This is the key to stir-fried vegetables. 

Unlike in other countries, meat is not the most important component in the meal, but vegetables and spices. Lots of vegetables, a little protein and a minimum amount of fat are the ingredients in a typical Chinese meal. 


A wok reaches temperatures from 160°C to more than 230°C. Such high temperatures cook meat as soon as it hits the pan. This retains all the good juices and absorbs what little fat there is. This also applies to fish and vegetables. 

If your wok has been seasoned, you just need a tiny bit of oil. You pour this oil in with a flowing, swirling motion along the edge of your wok. While the oil is sliding down along the edges, you quickly add your pre-cut ingredients.

Thanks to the rapid preparation method, most dishes are ready in a couple of minutes. Stir-frying is a very health cooking method where all the vitamins and nutrients are retained.


The freshness obtained from healthy wok-fried vegetables combined with crackling sounds and wafting aromas are sure to attract curious onlookers to your kitchen creations.  

From traditional stir-fried shredded beef to deep-fried and amazingly crispy chicken, you'll be creating awe inspiring meals in no time with the fusion volcano wok burner. 

There are few things in life that compare to sharing a beautiful meal with the people you love and with the Duo Fusion II it's easier than ever. 
HIG1944MD (Natural gas)