ASKO - HI1995G Pro Series Induction Cooktop


Pro Series Induction Cooktop

ASKO HI1995G Pro Series Induction Cooktop

The Pro Series range of ASKO appliances have been specially designed for Australian home owners and chefs. High performance Pro Series induction cooktops with flexible cook zones are the perfect complement for ASKO ovens, Fusion Volcano wok burners, cooker hoods, refrigerators and more, allowing you to personalise your kitchen style with all the best state-of-the-art appliances. 

What are Pro Series induction cooktops?

ASKO Pro Series induction cooktops exemplify form and function in perfect harmony. They showcase all the best of minimalist Scandinavian style and embody cutting edge technology that provides multifunctional versatility. Pro Series cooktops include flexible bridge zones for expanding the cooking surface to accommodate pots and vessels of all sizes, along with energy saving utility that will save you money for the entire lifetime of your appliance.

Pro Series induction cooktops offer special features that include fully automated programs, residual heat indicators and a hard-wearing ceramic finish for easy cleaning. Induction cooking is precise, even at very low temperatures, allowing you to correctly heat sauces, chocolate and other confections without burning.

A whole range of brand-new culinary horizons, formerly only available in commercial kitchens, are possible with an ASKO Pro Series induction cooktop. Induction cooktop reviews highlight major reasons why Pro Series appliances are changing the way Australians approach the culinary science.

Auto Programs: 6 built-in auto programs for maintaining the ideal temperature while boiling, frying, simmering, grilling, wok cooking and keeping food warm.

Bridge Zones: A unique induction cooktop application where two cooking zones are combined as one for accommodating larger pots, pans and other cooking vessels.

Easy Cleaning: The flat glass and ceramic surface is seamlessly built in to any dedicated kitchen counter top. There is nowhere for crumbs and spills to hide and the cook surface cools quickly when pots are removed, allowing you to wipe away spills before they stick and stain.

Safety Features: The cooktop turns off automatically if the temperature reaches 300ºc, or if the cooktop is left on for more than 9 hours. With induction cooking, the pot becomes the heating element, while the rest of the cooktop surface remains safe to touch, with the residual heat indicator also assisting the user. Cooking is guided by fingertip control on the digital interface, allowing you to appreciate induction cooking stress-free.

Do you need special pots for an induction cooktop?

Quality induction cookware is an attractive addition to any contemporary kitchen, although many of your existing pots and pans may be perfectly safe for magnetic induction cooking. Stainless-steel, cast iron and enamel coated cast iron vessels are all suitable. Simply hold a magnet to the base of your existing pots and if the magnet sticks, you are good to go. Remember to take the magnet with you when you go shopping for new pots and pans.

Magnetic induction works when the base of the cooking vessel contacts the cooktop surface, so your pots, woks and pans will need to be flat-based for optimal induction cooking performance.

Why should I choose a Pro Series induction cooktop?

For starters, ASKO has been a trusted appliance brand for generations, while the enthusiastic uptake of ASKO appliances by Australian home owners speaks for itself. There are more than 600 ASKO agents Australia-wide, plus a network of ASKO-trained installation and service specialists on call 24/7, so there is bound to be a specialist ASKO retailer near you.

At ASKO, we use only highest quality stainless steel, cast iron and single piece components that won’t stain or tarnish, while our dedication to energy-efficiency and sustainability is second to none. ASKO are appliance specialists fully focussed on creating hard wearing and long-lasting appliances that home chefs trust.

ASKO Pro Series induction cooktops direct around 90% of heat energy toward the cooking vessel, compared to 40%-60% when using inefficient gas flames or electric heating elements. Your kitchen will remain cooler and comfortable as a space for entertaining family and friends, while built-in style creates smooth lines and a spacious feel even in smaller kitchens. Popularity of induction cooking means it’s now possible to purchase a cheap induction cooktop with capabilities comparable to commercial appliances.

Width: 904 mm
Number of cooking zones: 6
Number of Bridge Zones: 3
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Individual timers: Six individual timers
Type of control: Touch control


Scratch resistant surface
Individual timers: Six individual timers
Touch control
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
12 Power levels and boost
Separate controls
Booster on all zones
Auto pan detection
Bridge zones
Pause function


6 Auto cooking programs
Chef function
Auto program for boiling
Auto program simmering
Auto program for frying
Auto program for grilling
Auto program wok
Auto program keeping warm


Easy Clean surface


Child safe control panel
Central switch off
Overheating switch off
Residual heat indicator
9 hours cooking limiter


Hob type: Induction hob
Available colour: Black ceramic glass
Width: 904 mm
Power (W): 11100 W
EAN code: 3838942353178
Product code: 10037


Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 90,4 × 5 × 52,2 cm
Packaging height: 130 mm
Packaging width: 1060 mm
Packaging depth: 600 mm
Weight packaging: 2,2 kg
Gross weight: 18,5 kg

Zone performance

Cooking zones: 6 zones
Left front: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Middle front: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right front: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Left back: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Middle back: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right back: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected)

Technical information

Frequency: 50 Hz