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Pro Series Induction Cooktop

90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop

ASKO HI1975G Pro Series Induction Cooktop

If your goal is to prepare restaurant quality meals in the home kitchen, an ASKO HI1975G 90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop is the appliance for you. Magnetic induction cooktops are transforming kitchens around the country and introducing chefs to reciprocal, intelligent products that deliver extremely satisfying results. Impressive Scandinavian styling is immediately apparent, while the innovative programs and features of the HI1975G cooktop will add the wow factor to any kitchen. 

Are induction cooktops worth it?

If you demand versatile, targeted and precise cooking solutions that save money with every use, an ASKO induction cooktop is definitely worth it. Induction cooktops are understandably more expensive than old fashioned gas and electric cooktops, although it makes financial sense to purchase a quality appliance that lasts for many years instead of cheap, inefficient products that look awful, perform poorly and are soon tossed out.

The ASKO 90cm Pro Series Induction Cooktop is an example of ASKO excellence, where form and function are harmonised, energy efficiency is prioritised, and tailored cook programs are easy for anyone to use. Induction cooktop reviews repeatedly highlight the many advantages of ASKO Pro Series appliances that showcase amazing versatility and functions that can’t be replicated by competing brands. Advantages of the HI1975G 90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop include:

Energy efficiency: Magnetic induction directs around 95% of heating energy directly to the cooking vessel. Compare this to approximately 45%-55% when using gas flame or electric coils.

A cooler kitchen: As induction heat targets the pot or other vessel, less radiant heat is dispersed into the air, allowing your kitchen to remain cooler and a great place for entertaining friends even while cooking.

Time saving: An ASKO induction cooktop will heat a pot of water in half the time it takes to boil using a traditional cooktop. This equation translates to all forms of cooking on an induction cooktop, giving you the edge for preparing home cooked meals on time, every time.

Safe to touch: With induction cooking, the pot heats up while the cooktop remains cool to touch – a definite bonus for busy parents of children with prying hands. Safety-first ASKO cooktops deliver on all fronts.

Precise temperature control: Induction cooktops are perfect for slow melting of chocolate and sauces at very low temperatures, with no fickle gas flames or ineffective electric coils to ruin the prep.

Easy cleaning: The flat surface, hard wearing ceramic glass and full integration into the kitchen benchtop makes cleaning a breeze. In addition, it’s easy to wipe away spills as the cooktop remains cool, with less chance of foodstuffs sticking and tarnishing the surface.

Versatility: Induction cooktops utilise bridge zones for an expanded cooking surface. For example, the front and back elements can be combined for maximising cooktop potential, with many more amazing and adaptable features all accessed by fingertip control on the attractive user interface.

First impressions are important, and the stylish black ceramic cooktop surface has showroom appeal for contemporary Australian homes. Convenience is key in today’s fast paced world, and ASKO innovators are up to the challenge, providing seamlessly integrated appliances that are easy to clean and even easier to use. Features that allow the HI1975G appliance to stand out from the competition include:

·        5 individual timers

·        Smart control via the attractive user interface

·        12 power levels and boost

·        Booster on all zones

·        Versatile bridge zones for accommodating large cooking vessels

·        Auto pan detection

The Pro Series HI1975G Cooktop also includes 6 auto cooking programs that guarantee excellent culinary results every time. Simply program the function of your choice and allow your ASKO cooktop to work its magic.

Boiling: Water heats up fast, and when it reaches 100ºc an audible beep informs the user that it is ready for food to be added.

Simmering: Take the guesswork out of cooking. The simmering function maintains the ideal temperature close to boiling point at 90-95ºc.

Grilling: Along with precise temperature control, induction cookware heats evenly across the entire pan for grilled perfection.

Frying: Oils and cooking fats all heat at different temperatures, making it difficult to judge when the temperature is right. Not so with an ASKO induction cooktop. Simply select your desired temperature and precise frying is entirely possible.

Wok frying: A flat bottomed induction-friendly wok heats up fast – a must for Asian inspired dishes that are cooked in minutes for locking in flavour and freshness.

Keep warm function: Busy households often resemble train stations, with everyone coming and going at different times. Instead of stressing, use the keep warm induction function that maintains foodstuffs at the perfect temperature and ready to be served.

How much power does a bridge induction cooktop use?

Induction cooktops use electricity to transform magnetism into a versatile cooking solution. However, there are lots of advantages that make induction cooking economical and energy efficient. With induction cooking, the pot or other vessel becomes the element and heats evenly throughout. With minimal supervision, your meals can be cooked evenly, without burning on the bottom or remaining cool on top.

Induction heat is instantaneous, with very little radiant heat escaping into the kitchen. Energy is directed toward cooking instead of unnecessarily heating up the surrounding space, allowing you to remain cool and calm even during warmer weather. In addition, magnetic induction energy stops the moment the element is switched off, or when the pot is removed from the element. Here are some more ways you can save power with an ASKO 90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop.

No need to juggle pots and pans: Instead of doubling up with pots and pans, use the convenient bridge zones for accommodating larger vessels and save time and energy.

Safety power cut-off: If you forget to switch your cooktop off, automatic sensors will detect the extended use and automatically switch the cooktop off for you.

Booster feature: Foods and liquids can be quickly heated at the highest setting before the cooktop temperature automatically reduces to your pre-set lower setting for fast cooking perfection.

Pan detection: The induction cooktop will not work unless induction-friendly cookware is used. In addition, other items left on the cooktop (including most metals) will not heat up, ensuring prying hands don’t get burnt.

Touch control: With induction cooking, you don’t need to rely on visual guidance of a flickering gas flame or the unwanted experience of cooking with unpredictable electric coils. Simply set the desired temperature or use the automatic cook programs for tailored meal preparation.

Is induction cooking safe?

Induction cooking is the safest of all cooktop methods. Only the pot or pan heats up when cooking, while the remainder of the ceramic glass cooktop surface remains cool enough to touch. ASKO innovators ensure the experience is pleasurable and safe by utilising the best safety features available, such as the child-safe control panel, central switch-off, overheating switch-off, residual heat indicator and a 9-hour cooking limiter with automatic cut off if the appliance is accidently left on.

An ASKO 90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop is also ideal for people with sensitive skin or an aversion to harsh cleaning products. The hard-wearing black ceramic glass surface is scratch resistant, while spills and splashes can be simply wiped away with a soft cloth even while the cooktop is in use. Seamless integration into the benchtop means there are no difficult to reach nooks and crevices, saving you time and money and allowing you to function optimally in a cool and spacious kitchen.

With more than 600 ASKO agents Australia-wide, plus our network of dedicated installation and repair technicians, your ASKO cooktop user experience will be as seamless as the appliance itself. Your ASKO-trained installation expert will ensure the electricals are spot-on, and you can even take advantage of their knowledge for a complimentary demonstration of the impressive HI1975G features, programs and induction cooktop instructions. Your comprehensive product warranty will provide peace of mind, while premium materials and superior appliance manufacture means your ASKO appliance can last for many years of reliable performance.

The ASKO Pro Series range of appliances are showy, innovative and extremely powerful. They are constructed using highest quality and fully recyclable materials. Pro Series cooktops embody the famous ASKO Scandinavian styling, while simultaneously performing tasks formerly only achieved in the best commercial kitchens. With ASKO, the future is now, and with so many great products available, it could be time to visit your nearest ASKO retailer to find out what all the excitement is about. If durability, versatility, good looks and superior cooking results are important to you, it’s worth investigating the full potential of the amazing ASKO HI1975G 90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop. 

Width: 904 mm
Number of cooking zones: 5
Number of Bridge Zones: 2
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Individual timers: Five individual timers
Type of control: SmartControl


Scratch resistant surface
Individual timers: Five individual timers
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Touch control
12 Power levels and boost
Separate controls
Booster on all zones
Auto pan detection
Bridge zones
Pause function


6 Auto cooking programs
Auto program for boiling
Auto program simmering
Auto program for frying
Auto program for grilling
Auto program wok
Auto program keeping warm


Easy Clean surface


Child safe control panel
Central switch off
Overheating switch off
Residual heat indicator
9 hours cooking limiter


Available colour: Black ceramic glass
Width: 904 mm
Power (W): 11100 W
EAN code: 3838942581090
Product code: 463150


Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 90,4 × 4,3 × 52,2 cm
Packaging height: 140 mm
Packaging width: 1070 mm
Packaging depth: 610 mm
Weight packaging: 2,1 kg
Gross weight: 16,8 kg

Zone performance

Cooking zones: Middle front: 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right front: 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Middle back: 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right back: 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Left: Ø 26 cm, 5,5 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected)

Technical information

Frequency: 50-60 Hz