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60CM Glass Induction Cooktop : HI1611G

60cm Induction, 4 zone cooktop

4 Zone Induction Cooktop

Kitchen appliances that save time and assist the user are in vogue. A 60cm 4 zone induction cooktop is the ideal space-saving solution for home chefs who require maximum culinary output with minimal effort, so it’s no surprise that ASKO products are on the uptake in new home builds and kitchen renovations. An ASKO HI1611G induction cooktop is a great introduction to the latest cooking style that is changing the way Australians approach kitchen functionality.

How does induction cooking work?

The moment your induction cooktop is turned on, an electric current generates a magnetic field. When special induction cookware is placed on the cooktop, the cookware becomes the heat source while the rest of the cooktop remains safe to touch. Heat transfer is immediate, with minimal energy loss, allowing the pot or other cooking vessel to warm precisely and evenly. Induction cooking is safe and energy-efficient, while optimal heat distribution allows the chef to prepare meals faster and lock in the nutrients, without compromising flavour.

With induction cooking, there is no latent energy loss as experienced with electric heating coils and gas flames. In addition, minimal ambient heat escapes, allowing your kitchen to remain comfortably cool even when preparing large meals for family and friends. Only magnetic materials respond to magnetic induction, so non-magnetic metals and other cookware won’t heat up even if left on the cooking surface. The ASKO 60cm 4 zone induction cooktop is adaptable and intuitive, including built-in cook programs and user-friendly operation for every cooking style.

What is the advantage of using a 60cm 4 zone induction cooktop?

A 60cm 4 zone induction cooktop is tailor made to be situated above your ASKO built-in or fully integrated 60cm oven. It is ideal for small and medium size kitchens, and provides all the familiarity of traditional cooktop styles, along with lots of additional features designed to improve results. In larger kitchens, the ASKO induction cooktop can be situated on its own island benchtop for increased culinary output.

ASKO appliances exude classic Scandinavian style, where seamless integration and minimalist appeal are combined with state-of-the-art technology. The amazing user-friendly programs and features enhance the experience, and with nowhere for crumbs and spills to hide, cleaning up is a breeze. With 4 cooking zones, fingertip control and heavy duty black ceramic glass surface, the HI1611G cooktop is an appealing addition in contemporary Australian homes. Here are some more advantages of using an ASKO 4 zone induction cooktop.

·       Lightweight (12.1kg) and easy to install

·       Automatic detection of pot/vessel size so no energy is wasted

·       Scratch-resistant cooktop surface

·       Booster function on all cooking zones

·       Precise temperature control even at very low heat

·       Ergonomic touch control features at your fingertips

·       Additional safety features including child-safe controls

Will a 60cm 4 zone induction cooktop save me money?

ASKO products are designed and built to last for many years and will save you a lot of money over the lifetime of your appliance. A pot of water on an ASKO induction cooktop will come to a boil in approximately half the time it would take on a regular gas stove. With induction cooking, the entire magnetic cookware surface heats up, guaranteeing even warming throughout.

Foodstuffs heat evenly, without burning on the base or remaining cool near the top, bringing culinary perfection in reach for beginners and experienced chefs. Converts to induction cooking compare it to experiencing driving a Ferrari for the first time after a lifetime of driving a VW Beetle. Induction cooktops offer much more than ‘geek appeal’, and with energy costs continually rising, an ASKO induction cooktop is the smart way to buck the trend.

Environmentally sound choices are a big deal with the new generation of home chefs, and ASKO induction cooktops are part of the solution. An appliance that cooks food faster while losing less heat is bound to save money, while the continued uptake of induction appliances has brought prices down, making an ASKO 60cm 4 zone induction cooktop a high-end appliance that regular Australians can afford.

Do I need special induction cooking pots and vessels?

You may wish to transition to special induction cookware over time, although many of your existing pots and pans can also provide optimum heat transfer, as long as the base sits flat on the magnetic induction cooking surface. Stainless steel and cast-iron vessels are ideal, including enamel coated cast iron. If you are considering purchasing new pans for showing off your induction cooking style, simply take a magnet with you when you shop for cookware. If the magnet sticks to the bottom, the cookware will work on your induction cooktop.

What can I cook using an induction cooktop?

You can cook all your favourite dishes, and more, on an induction cooktop. Professional chefs in commercial kitchens are swayed by magnetic induction burners that deliver precise, consistent and low heat required for melting sauces, chocolate and other confections at low heat, and the same opportunity is now available for home chefs. Simply program the cooktop at the appropriate temperature, and allow induction cooking to work its magic without the guesswork associated with gas flames or inefficient electric coils.

ASKO induction cooktops perform almost all cooking functions, although they are not suitable use with rounded-bottom woks for Asian-style stir frying. A flat-bottomed wok will work perfectly fine. You might wish to couple your 60cm 4 zone induction cooktop with the amazing ASKO Fusion Volcano wok burner for all-round satisfaction and stylish kitchen appeal.

ASKO induction cooktop advantages worth considering?

Energy savings: Induction elements only heat the pot, as the pot itself is the heating element. There are no flames licking the outside of the pot and no cumbersome electric coils. Magnetic induction converts approximately 90% of energy toward cooking, while gas and electrical cooking efficiency can be as low as 40% and 55% respectively, with residual heat doing nothing but making the kitchen uncomfortable to work in.

Enhanced safety: Oils and fats dripped onto the cooktop can’t catch fire, and the cooktop surface doesn’t get hot, so it is always safe to touch. Induction cooking is easily mastered, and the appliance turns off as soon as pots are removed from the element. Instant temperature control means there is less likelihood of pots boiling over.

Easy Cleaning: Spills and splashes can be wiped up immediately after the pots have been removed, without the need for harsh scrubbing or abrasive chemicals. Spills won’t adhere to unused areas of the ceramic glass cooktop surface, as it remains cool even while cooking. Your ASKO induction cooktop is embedded seamlessly within the countertop, with no gas jets or electrical elements to clean or replace.

Instant heat adjustment: Temperature is instantly regulated, with the cookware responding immediately to the change. There is no wasted heat while waiting for inefficient electric coils to cool down. Precise operation affords greater control and superior culinary results even for novice chefs, making induction cooking a great introduction for newcomers to the kitchen.

The great features, faster cooking time, instant power level adjustments and dedicated cooking zones make an ASKO 4 zone induction cooktop the right choice for modern home owners, builders and renovators. ASKO innovations include the pause function, quick cook timer and seamless integration with other amazing ASKO kitchen appliances.

With more than 600 ASKO agents Australia-wide, an extensive warranty, plus the option to have your appliances installed and serviced by ASKO-trained professionals, you will be showcasing your newfound kitchen skills in no time. Your ASKO installation technician will even show you how to use your new cooktop and all the innovative features and programs so you can showcase your new cooking skills immediately.


Width: 600 mm
Number of cooking zones: 4
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Type of control: SliderTouch, control at your fingertips


SliderTouch, control at your fingertips
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Booster on all zones
Pause function


Child safe control panel
Central switch off
Overheating switch off


Hob type: Induction hob
Available colour: Black ceramic glass
Width: 600 mm
EAN code: 3838782000997
Product code: 570464


Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 60 × 5,6 × 52 cm
Packaging height: 185 mm
Packaging width: 740 mm
Packaging depth: 660 mm
Weight packaging: 2,1 kg
Gross weight: 12,1 kg

Zone performance

Cooking zones: 4 Induction heating zones
Left front: Ø 20,5 cm, 2,3/3 kW, 145 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right front: Ø 16,5 cm, 1,2/1,4 kW, 110 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Left back: 2 dimension round 16,5/20 cm, 1,2/1,4 kW, 110 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right back: Ø 20,5 cm, 2,3/3 kW, 145 mm (Min pot size to be detected)

Technical information

Nominal current: 32 amp
Frequency: 50-60 Hz