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Australian homes have evolved, with impressive kitchen and entertaining spaces to match. Regardless of the size of your kitchen or style of your home, product placement is important for achieving a harmonious kitchen flow, with ASKO gas cooktop size an essential consideration. Whether yours is a smaller kitchen or an entertainers paradise, there is an ASKO cooktop that will tick all the right boxes.

What sized cooktop should you choose?

With ASKO, the choices are all yours. Modern cooktops aren’t always physically connected to the oven as with freestanding oven models, and you can choose to locate your cooktop anywhere accessed by natural gas or LPG gas supply. Contemporary Australian homes feature built-in and fully integrated appliances that create smooth lines and kitchen symmetry for enhanced user experience.

The cooktop you choose may be dictated by space. That’s just one reason why ASKO product development includes appliances specially designed for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Here are just a few examples from our extensive gas cooktop range, priced to suit all budgets.

·        60cm HG1666AD Graphite Black Gas Cooktop

·        75cm HG1776SD Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

·        90cm HG1986AD Graphite Black Gas Cooktop

·        90cm HG1986SD Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

·        111cm HG1145AD Graphite Black Gas Cooktop

In addition, ASKO introduces home-chefs to the amazing Volcano Gas Cooktops for extra kitchen versatility.

What is the standard size of a cooktop?

60cm is the most common size for both cooktops and ovens, making this the appropriate choice in many situations. However, there are impressive ASKO innovations not available with competing brands, including replacement of the fourth burner with a Super Flex Wok Burner for a versatile cooking experience.

Contemporary Australian homes are designed for entertaining, making ASKO 75cm and 90cm gas cooktops an inviting proposition. The additional room for ergonomic comfort enhances the user experience, along with an extra burner plus the Super Flex Wok Burner for Asian-inspired excellence.

ASKO cooktops can be seamlessly installed on your countertop above a built-in or fully integrated oven without the need for major renovations to existing cabinetry. Your kitchen space will be immediately maximised, along with your potential to create amazing dishes from around the world.

What are the largest cooktops available at ASKO?

The 111cm ASKO HG1145AD Volcano Gas Cooktop represents a new approach to cooking. This sleek and powerful appliance contains two Fusion Volcano wok burners, plus two additional burners, allowing chefs to multi-task and prepare delicious, healthy meals in no time. Advantages include:

·        Precision engineered flame ports and hidden ignition device

·        Solid supports for pots and woks of all sizes

·        Seamless integration with the benchtop for easy cleaning and maintenance

·        Dishwasher-safe accessories and fully recyclable components

·        Fully adjustable responsive control and timer option for every burner

What sizes are ASKO Volcano Gas Cooktops?

Additional Volcano Gas Cooktop offerings from ASKO include 80cm and 90cm appliances, along with the 111cm model. The extra space allows the chef to use larger woks and other burners at the same time, ultimately saving a lot of time and energy. These attractive products are truly something worth showing off on their own island benchtop, and aficionados of BBQ-style cooking will surely want to get in on the act and share cooking duties.

The single piece, highly engineered flame ports are easy to maintain and clean, allowing your cooktop to perform with optimum energy efficiency at all times. Available in both stainless steel and matt black finish, ASKO Volcano Gas Cooktops are the appliance of choice for people who want the best of style and function.

Where can you view ASKO’s gas cooktops in person?

ASKO is now a household name in Australia, with more than 600 retailers supporting our products nation-wide. Our retailers are chosen for superior service, industry experience and product knowledge, and can even arrange installation and servicing by qualified ASKO-trained professionals. Enter your location here to find your nearest ASKO agent and get ready to explore the innovative appliance options that will transform your kitchen and enhance cooking capabilities.