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Energy efficiency results in lower household power bills, and modern kitchen appliances play a major role. Quality cooktops are manufactured to last for many years, making high energy-star rated products an essential purchasing decision that can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of your product. ASKO Gas Cooktop ratings are at the high-end of efficiency, allowing savvy Australian consumers to select the best appliances for the right price.

What are the highest-rated Gas Cooktops?

All ASKO appliances achieve very high energy efficiency, and the extensive cooktop range is no exception. Traditional hands-on manufacturing processes combined with state-of-the-art technology give ASKO appliances the edge. Our gas cooktops are constructed using seamless stainless-steel and long-lasting single piece cast iron supports for pots and woks of all sizes.

The burners are precision engineered for optimum heat transfer to the cooking vessel, with minimal radiant heat loss into your kitchen. ASKO cooktops feature directional A+ burners that can be minutely adjusted for low-heat cooking, preparing perfect rice and even melting chocolate and other sensitive ingredients at exactly the right temperature. ASKO cooktop developers take an all-round approach to achieving superior energy ratings that todays consumers expect.

How can you choose the best gas cooktop?

Attractive aesthetics, sturdy construction, superior performance and ease of maintenance are all ASKO traits that should help you choose the best gas cooktop. In addition, our cooktops come in a range of sizes to suit all requirements, from studio apartment living to fully integrated entertainers kitchens.

The ASKO Cooktop range includes 60cm, 75cm, 90cm and 111cm models in both stainless steel and matt black anthracite finish. The choices are all yours for kitchen styling and placement of the cooktop above the oven, elsewhere on the benchtop, or on its own designated island countertop for an eye-catching effect. The powerful Super Flex Wok Burner is one more good reason to choose an ASKO cooktop that will transform your kitchen into a culinary powerhouse.

Should you choose a gas, electric or induction cooktop?

The cooktop you choose should be the one that suits your style. Gas cooktops are the traditional favourites with professional chefs working in commercial kitchens, while the ASKO induction cooktop range is proving incredibly popular with Australians undertaking kitchen renovations or embarking on a new build. Electric cooktops remain popular in smaller kitchens where space and budget determine purchasing decisions.

Gas cooktop advantages

·        Instant temperature control with visible flame

·        Ideal for irregularly shaped pots, pans and woks

·        Continue cooking even during an electricity blackout

·        Visual appeal of sturdy burners and supports

Electric cooktop advantages

·        Flat surface, linear appearance and seamless integration

·        Lower up-front cost, although energy ratings are an essential long-term consideration

Induction cooktop advantages

·        Bridge zones for accommodating larger pots and cooking vessels

·        Instant temperature adjustment and auto pan detection

·        Fingertip control, individual timers and auto cooking programs

What are the highest-rated features of ASKO cooktops?

As appliance specialists with many decades of experience, ASKO focuses on the user experience by providing highest-rated features that enhance cooking and improve culinary results. Our unmatched initiatives include:

·        Directional A+ burners, removable knobs and cast-iron trivets

·        Automatic ignition and auto-cut function if gas supply is interrupted

·        Logical layout to maximise space for using multiple burners simultaneously

·        One-piece burners coated with flex-enamel and a Keradur finish for easy cleaning

Where can I view ASKO gas cooktops in person?

The popularity of ASKO appliances in Australian homes has resulted in over 600 retailers nation-wide promoting our products. Our retailers are chosen for superior service, industry knowledge and highly rated appliances. Simply enter your location here to find your nearest ASKO agent and prepare to be amazed at the many ways you can transform your home.