ASKO - Induction vs gas

Induction vs gas

If it has been a while since you purchased kitchen appliances, you will be amazed at the changes that can enhance the way food is prepared in your home. Impressive ASKO Cooktop options abound, including the latest induction and gas appliances that guide the user with intelligent design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and convenient operation that Australian home-chefs desire.

Induction Vs Gas, Which is best?

Everyone likes to showcase their own style, with the phenomenon most noticeable in the kitchen. The appliance you choose should match your personal expectations, along with design specifics of your new or existing kitchen. Choices include investigation of induction versus gas cooktops, each with advantages worth exploring. You can even get the best of both worlds by combining an ASKO induction cooktop with a gas Fusion Volcano wok burner in the one cooktop for additional versatility.

What are the benefits of gas cooktops?

ASKO Gas Cooktops remain the favourite for commercial chefs and people who enjoy cooking with a visible flame for guidance. Asian-inspired meals are easier to prepare with immediate heat control, and the addition of an ASKO Fusion Volcano wok burner adds an entirely new dimension to home-style cooking. ASKO Gas Cooktops are constructed using sturdy high quality stainless-steel and cast-iron components for superior maintenance and long-lasting performance. Gas cooktop advantages include:

·        No power loss even during a blackout. With a gas cooktop, meal preparation can continue when electrical appliances are out of action.

·        Low heat emissions for a comfortable kitchen, with the burners cooling quickly when cooking is complete.

·        Accurate and immediate self-guided cooking temperature adjustment, visually guided by the gas flame.

What are the benefits of induction cooktops?

Induction cooktops are creating a revolution in Australian kitchens. The seamless Scandinavian styling is attractive in fully integrated kitchen spaces designed for entertaining with a minimum of fuss. Modern Australian homes are expansive, with indoor/outdoor entertaining appeal, and an ASKO inspired kitchen links the two spaces perfectly. ASKO Induction Cooktops are constructed with superior quality stainless steel or matt black anthracite finish, making them incredibly scratch resistant and simple to keep clean, with advantages that include:

·        Low ambient heat as magnetic induction energy is targeted directly to the cooking vessel.

·        Instant and targeted heat results in less power used for cooking and lower energy bills for your household.

·        The cooktop remains safe to touch for prying hands as heat is conducted only through the cookware.

In addition, ASKO induction cooktops boast up to 12 power levels and bridge-cooking that combines two induction elements into one for accommodating larger cooking vessels.

Are gas or induction cooktops safer?

When investigating induction versus gas cooking potential, safety should be a high priority. At ASKO, we include the best safety features on all our appliances. ASKO Induction Cooktops are outfitted with a child-safe control panel and built-in safety controls, while ASKO Gas Cooktops utilise ingenious features that include automatic gas shut-off if the flame goes out.

In addition, all ASKO cooktops are sturdily constructed, seamlessly integrated and ergonomically designed to ensure pots and pans are secure even during kitchen multi-tasking. ASKO has been manufacturing versatile, safe and multifunctional appliances for decades, and our reputation for high-end appliances with superior safety features is one reason for the growing popularity of our products.

Where can you view ASKO’s gas and induction cooktops in person?

The ASKO gas and induction cooktop range available for Australian homes continues to grow, as does our support base. With more than 600 dedicated retailers around Australia, all chosen for industry experience and product knowledge, ASKO has your induction and gas cooktop options covered. Enter your location here to find your nearest ASKO agent and get ready to be transported to 21stCentury cooking excellence.