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90cm Gas Cooktop : HG1986SD

Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop 90 cm

Stainless Steel Integrated Cooktop

The evolution of kitchen appliances and products has been dramatic since the turn of the 21st Century. Cumbersome, outdated appliances are being ditched in droves as a new generation of Australians gravitate toward product designs that look and function optimally. Whether renovating or building from scratch, it’s important from the outset to have a plan in place for transforming wasted space into productive kitchen area. The addition of an ASKO HG1986SD Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop can be instantly transformative in any kitchen.

With five cooking zones all serviced by solid cast knobs, including the powerful Super Flex Wok burner, no cooktop task is too big a challenge. The A+ hybrid burner is another standout performer, providing the middle ground between intense wok cooking and gentle simmering on the smaller flame ports. ASKO developers keep functionality and versatility at the forefront of design, creating appliances that multi-task and even communicate directly with the user.

Why choose the HG1986SD Cooktop?

Cutting-edge technology has benefitted kitchens more than any other room in the house, and the ASKO HG1986SD Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop is a popular choice for representing the new breed of kitchen appliances. Intelligent kitchens focus on compatible appliances working as efficient counterparts, along with seamless cabinet integration for creating a spacious yet productive work spaces. ASKO appliances fulfil all objectives, being specifically created to fit seamlessly within existing cabinetry.

The attractive stainless steel HG1986SD Gas Cooktop is for serious chefs. At 90cm wide, the cooktop is a perfect fit with stainless steel ASKO ovens, microwaves and warming drawers. It looks equally at home on a dedicated countertop, and is a particularly appealing configuration for people who are used to cooking on gas flame, such as BBQ and outdoor enthusiasts. The HG1986SD Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop is an ASKO customer favourite for many reasons, including:

·        Super Flex Wok burner with 2 independently controlled burner rings

·        A+ hybrid burner for maximising cooktop potential

·        Energy efficient cooking with precision engineered flame ports

·        Automatic ignition with hidden ignition device

·        Anti-stick nano tech coating

·        Ergonomic, fully recyclable components

·        Seamlessly welded, smooth finish

ASKO HG1986SD gas cooking benefits

The ASKO kitchen appliance range includes gas, electric and induction models to suit individual preferences. Australia is a vast country with a wealth of natural resources, and gas remains a favourite energy source with home cooks and restaurant chefs. Although every cooking style has relative merits, gas is incredibly versatile, and with natural gas supplies appearing sustainable for the foreseeable future, it’s likely to remain a favourite for many years to come. There are a lot of gas advantages worth considering.

Responsive heat control: The ASKO HG1986SD Gas Cooktop provides the favourite gas highlight – responsive heat. Heat can be instantly altered with a simple turn of the control knob, avoiding overcooked, overflowing or burnt foodstuffs. Dependable results are reliant on responsive cooktop heat control.

Evenly distributed heat: When using a gas cooktop, the pots don’t need to have perfectly flat bottoms to conduct heat. ASKO HG1986SD Gas Cooktop flames distribute heat precisely where it’s required. Food is cooked evenly, and when cooking is complete the gas cooktop will commence cooling immediately for additional safety.

Energy efficiency: Efficient ASKO gas cooktops provide heat only where needed, meaning less energy is wasted and the kitchen remains cooler. Innovative design principles allow ASKO appliances to maximise energy, minimise waste, and function seamlessly for multi-generational use.

Cooking during power cuts:Households that are completely reliant on electricity shut down completely during power cuts. Gas driven households, on the other hand, retain energy for cooking and heating even during extreme weather conditions. Combining gas, electric and induction appliances is a fail-safe way to ensure delicious ASKO results in all seasons.

The ASKO appliance range has transformed the way Australians approach cooking. The days of repetitive, bland cooking are long gone, as the ASKO HG1986SD Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop shoulders the cooking duties with ease, satisfying the diverse meal requirements typical of modern Australian families.


General description

Model name: HG1986SD
Product area: Kitchen
Market: Domestic
Product group: Hob
Installation type: Built-in

Construction & Performance

Surface material: Stainless steel
Convinient maintenance with one-piece burner head

Use & Flexibility

Extra support for wok pots
Gas conversion set
Chef function

Interaction & Control

Ergonomic knobs cast in one piece of metal: true
Ignition integrated in knob
Automatic ignition
Exact and stepless power setting

Design & Integration

Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 5,5 × 86 × 49 cm

Safety & Maintenance

Easy to clean one piece burners

Technical data

Gas type: G20/13 natural gas
Connection rating: 1 W
Frequency: 50-60 Hz


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 4,8 × 90 × 52,6 cm
Net weight: 18,4 kg

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 21 × 95 × 59,6 cm
Gross weight: 21,2 kg
Product code: 476666
EAN code: 3838942016516