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Graphite Black Gas Cooktop : HG1666AD

Graphite Black Gas Cooktop 60 cm

60cm Anthracite Cooktop

Kitchen design trends indicate that minimalist-looking appliances are preferred for new homes and kitchen renovations. The appeal of Scandinavian manufacturing is easily appreciated, with ovens, cooktops and accessories featuring smooth contours and user-friendly design principles. The ASKO HG1666AD Gas Cooktop is more than just a functional device, and although simple to operate, it is a bold and attractive kitchen centrepiece.

Engineered with highest-quality materials, the HG1666AD Gas Cooktop is a sturdy kitchen powerhouse providing versatile cooking opportunities. The matte black anthracite finish and cast-iron burners are hard-wearing cooktop features for busy and productive kitchens. ASKO cooktops are designed for the flexible needs of modern Australian households where people are on the go at all hours, and The ASKO HG1666AD Gas Cooktop can easily cater for the entire family using innovative burners designed to produce great culinary results. 

Why choose the HG166AD Gas Cooktop?

For many people, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. An inviting kitchen becomes a social and productive place where friendly conversation and great meals are shared. The art of home entertaining is returning, and kitchens are the big winners, with top-range products at affordable prices such as the ASKO HG1666AD Gas Cooktop increasingly in demand.

With four burners, and at 60cm wide, the HG1666AD will complement any standard-sized oven, although increased versatility is experienced when the cooktop is used in tandem with an ASKO pyrolytic, steam or combi oven. A versatile 60cm cooktop can be placed almost anywhere on the kitchen countertop, or even have its own dedicated workstation for increased cooking efficiency. ASKO cooktops are reliable, long-lasting, precision appliances that utilise efficient cooking principles to save time and money.

Here are some more reasons for choosing an ASKO HG1666AD Gas Cooktop:

·        Multifunctional burners for tailored cooking styles

·        Super Flex Wok burner with 2 burner rings and adaptable burner settings

·        Automatic user-friendly ignition with concealed ignition device

·        Sturdy supports for large and small pots or cooking vessels

·        Seamless design and manufacture for kitchen styling

·        Easy-clean burners, knobs and supports ensuring the HG1666AD always looks great

ASKO innovations for today’s chefs

As ovens and cooktops have evolved, the line between restaurant and home-cooked meal quality has blurred. Creating remarkable dishes in the home kitchen has always been possible, but is usually only achieved by dedicated chefs with a wealth of culinary knowledge. ASKO innovators bridge the gap, creating reciprocal, responsive appliances that guide home cooks all the way from planning to enjoying the meal, even storing recipe and menu favourites for easy retrieval and timely cooking.

When ASKO cooktops and ovens are combined, cooking potential is expanded dramatically. ASKO believes form and function are equally important, allowing kitchens to become an important household feature. The attractive appearance of the ASKO HG1666AD is certain to catch the eye, and the resultant home cooked meals are guaranteed to win lots of fans and make dinner time a ‘can’t miss’ occasion.

The Super Flex Wok burner is an obvious standout. The uptake of Asian and other cuisines by Australians has resulted in wok-cooking becoming an essential household cooking skill. Progressive families are inclined to experiment with new recipes, and healthy eating options are expanded with the addition of a Super Flex Wok burner. Multifunctional wok cooking includes:

·        Double regulator

·        Seven burner ring settings

·        Tailored cooking using adaptable inner and outer burner rings

·        Cast-iron burners and ergonomic knobs

·        The ability to prepare fast, healthy meals for all the family

·        Easy cooking and cleaning experience that anyone can master

There is something mesmerising about wok cooking on a focussed gas flame. The sensory delight of aromatic cooking is an enticement too good to resist, and is an enjoyable way to enjoy the company of family and friends. ASKO initiatives bring people back to the kitchen and reinstate home-cooked meals as the heartiest and healthiest food possible. 

General description

Model name: HG1666AD
Product area: Kitchen
Market: Domestic
Product group: Hob
Installation type: Built-in
Available colour: Matte black

Construction & Performance

Surface material: Matt black enameled coating
Convinient maintenance with one-piece burner head

Use & Flexibility

Extra support for wok pots
Gas conversion set
Chef function

Interaction & Control

Ergonomic knobs cast in one piece of metal: true
Ignition integrated in knob
Automatic ignition
Exact and stepless power setting

Design & Integration

Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 5,5 × 56 × 49 cm

Safety & Maintenance

Easy to clean one piece burners

Technical data

Gas type: G20/13 natural gas
Connection rating: 1 W
Frequency: 50-60 Hz


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 4,8 × 60 × 52,6 cm
Net weight: 12,2 kg

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 20,4 × 65 × 59,6 cm
Gross weight: 14,3 kg
Product code: 476651
EAN code: 3838942016011