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Volcano Gas Cooktop : HG1145AD

Enjoy rapid wok cooking with two volcano gas burners

Fast foods and takeaway meals have become the default meal choices for busy Australians. Cooking has become an almost forgotten art for many people, and although convenience is often required, there is still no substitute for healthy, home-cooked meals. ASKO developers are determined to bring cooking pleasure back into the equation, and the HG1145AD Volcano Gas Cooktop is a worthy ambassador for the cause. With not one, but two Volcano wok burners, the HG1145AD is an exciting kitchen assistant worth experiencing.

The range of produce, spices and condiments available to Australians has increased dramatically with every new wave of arrivals to our shores. We now boast internationally acclaimed restaurants satisfying every culinary demand, and locals are eager to sample similar dishes in the home kitchen. Wok cooking is reliant on intense heat, a dedicated burner and targeted flame, all traits familiar to experienced Asian chefs. The same rapid wok cooking style is making big inroads into Australian homes eager to experience the best, healthy eating options courtesy of the ASKO HG1145AD Volcano Gas Cooktop.

Why choose the HG1145AD Cooktop?

Whether building, renovating, or retrofitting an existing kitchen, the HG1145AD Cooktop will make a worthy addition to cooking potential. The sleek, seamless design is an ASKO tradition, focusing equally on appearance and performance. Wok cooking is an attractive proposition for those who enjoy cooking over a flame, such as BBQ enthusiasts, ensuring the HG1145AD attracts everyone to share the cooking duties. As a progressive, smart appliance, the Volcano Gas Cooktop provides loads more incentives, including:

·        Black ceramic glass finish to complement stylish kitchen design

·        Precision engineered flame ports and hidden ignition device

·        Extra supports for pots and woks of all sizes

·        Ergonomic, removeable knobs and burners for easy cleaning and maintenance

·        Seamlessly welded edges and scratch resistant surface

·        Dishwasher safe accessories

·        Fully recyclable components

The smooth, attractive ASKO finish belies a hard-wearing, robust appliance constructed with highest-quality materials for many years of convenient, healthy and delicious home cooked meals. 

Does the HG1145AD Cooktop perform all regular cooking functions?

Every ASKO appliance has been manufactured with the chef in mind. Kitchens need to be functional and well equipped, regardless of size, so the ASKO product range is as diverse as the people they serve. The ASKO HG1145AD Volcano Gas Cooktop is typical of multifunctional ASKO ingenuity, providing outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and results that are comparable with the best restaurant offerings. Wok burners dramatically increase cooking options required in today’s households where personal eating and dietary preferences are acknowledged and appreciated.

With so many food options available, it’s no surprise people are becoming fussy eaters. Rather than bucking the trend, it may be time to get onboard and celebrate change by introducing a HG1145AD Volcano Gas Cooktop into your kitchen design strategy. There is every chance that aromatic wok cooking will induce everyone to alter their schedule and make it to dinner on time.

What other features does the HG1145AD Volcano Gas Cooktop have?

The HG1145AD is a compact but extremely powerful addition to any kitchen and looks fantastic above the oven or on its own dedicated workstation. Kitchen evolution includes ASKO compatibility between ovens, cooktops, microwaves, warming drawers and other innovative appliances, transforming worn and tired kitchens into attractive, productive home entertaining areas. Additional HG1145AD Volcano Cooktop features include:

·        Timer option for every burner

·        Emergency stop option

·        Visual control and ignition settings including roasting setting

·        Fully adjustable responsive control even on low heat

·        Audible signals to assist the chef

·        Manual and automatic settings for personalised cooking style

·        Sturdy, safe wok and pan supports

Four powerful burners, including two dedicated wok burners, provide plenty of incentive to explore culinary potential and increase cooking repertoire. The speed of wok cooking is already attractive, and with a HG1145AD Cooktop, time is halved as both wok burners work together to create a feast for everyone to enjoy. With a HG1145AD Cooktop at the ready, fast food just became home-cooked perfection, relegating takeaways to an occasional treat, saving money and time, and encouraging good health and vitality courtesy of a productive and attractive kitchen focal point.

ASKO are a Scandinavian company with international appeal, and more Australians are upgrading to quality ASKO kitchens, exploring full home-cooking versatility, and once again appreciating the superior quality and nutritional value of fresh food prepared the way it is meant to be. If your unproductive kitchen appliances are getting you down, it could be time to get off the wearying cooking treadmill and experience the convenient, satisfying culinary style that only ASKO can provide. 

General description

Model name: HG1145AD
Product area: Kitchen
Market: Domestic
Product group: Hob
Installation type: Built-in

Construction & Performance

Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Wok burner easy switchable
Convinient maintenance with one-piece burner head

Use & Flexibility

Fusion Volcano wok burner
Triple gas ports for perfect control of simmer flame, outer flame and wok
Extra support for wok pots
Gas conversion set
Individual digital timers

Interaction & Control

Ergonomic knobs cast in one piece of metal: true
Ignition integrated in knob
Automatic ignition
Exact and stepless power setting

Design & Integration

Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 4,8 × 56 × 49 cm

Safety & Maintenance

Easy to clean one piece burners

Technical data

Gas type: G20/13 natural gas


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 4,8 × 111,4 × 41,2 cm
Net weight: 22,8 kg

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 22 × 117 × 59 cm
Gross weight: 25,2 kg
Product code: 10035
EAN code: 3838942290862