ASKO - Gas vs electric

Gas vs electric

There are a lot of important decisions to make when building or renovating, including choosing kitchen appliances that suit the design of your home. Quality is important, as long-lasting and reliable appliances are cost effective and energy efficient, making a comparison of gas verses electric cooktops highly recommended. Most importantly, you should choose an appliance that reflects your style choices and invites you to explore the best home cooking solutions for your family.

Is gas or electric better for cooking?

Gas and electric cooktops both remain popular in Australian homes, and die-hard fans of either variety are reluctant to change. However, if we take our cue from professional chefs working in commercial kitchens and 5-star restaurants, it’s immediately noticeable that cooking with gas is the preferred option. In recent decades, innovative appliance manufacturers such as ASKO have transformed the standard of domestic gas appliances, and our extensive cooktop range is no exception.

It’s now possible to purchase a premium brand ASKO cooktop with commercial-quality workmanship and performance at a price regular Australians can afford. Today’s home chefs cater to varying dietary needs, special requests and flexible dining times, and the addition of a gas cooktop with a Fusion Volcano wok burner and easy-clean features may sway your purchasing decision.

What are the benefits of gas cooktops?

There are some significant benefits of gas cooktops worth exploring. In a world where everyone is in a hurry, meeting culinary expectations for the entire household can be a challenge. A gas cooktop is often the solution, and here are a few advantages.

1: Gas provides instant heating and cooling, with the visible flame assisting chefs to intuitively understand their cooktop performance.

2: Gas cooks more evenly, and is ideal for use with cast iron pans, woks, and pots that don’t have a perfectly flat base.

3: Gas cooktops are visually appealing, showcasing sturdy, long-lasting grids, supports and other features that appeal in both retro and contemporary style kitchens.

4: Gas cooktops keep on cooking even if there is a blackout and power is lost in your neighbourhood.

What are the benefits of electric cooktops?

Electric cooktops have their fans also, and they can be a convenient option for smaller studio-style apartments, hotels and motels. Here are some advantages.

1: The flat surface of modern electric cooktops built into the benchtop makes it convenient to clean.

2: The linear appearance and clean lines of an electric cooktop are a genuine alternative to gas burners and grids.

3: Electric cooktops are traditionally cheaper up-front, although energy bills are an increasingly important consideration over the lifetime of your appliance.

Are electric cooktops the more affordable solution?

When investigating appliance options at your local showroom, it’s important to take note of energy-star ratings. By choosing ASKO appliances, you are guaranteed consistently high ratings that translate into hundreds of dollars saved annually. Australian home owners demand quality appliances at the right price, and the up-front cost is only part of the equation.

ASKO cooktops are manufactured using highest-quality materials, durable single-piece components and built-in design features for seamless integration and many years of reliable use. The alternative of purchasing one cheap appliance after another is a mistake that doesn’t need to be repeated, and is a lesson expensively learned.

What else should you consider before choosing a gas or electric cooktop?

Safety is an important consideration, particularly if you have young children with prying hands. A gas cooktop cools down fast, whereas electric cooktops are notorious for remaining hot long after the element has been turned off.

Precise temperature control is important in multicultural Australia, where wok cooking and Asian-inspired foods are too tempting to resist, making an ASKO cooktop with the addition of the famous Fusion Volcano wok burner a very appealing appliance choice.

Your chosen cooktop should reflect who you are and the way you like to manage your household. If it has been a while since you last purchased kitchen products, be prepared to be amazed at the versatility and functionality of progressive appliances, with a visit to your local ASKO dealer a smart first step.