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Gas Cooktop features

Gas Cooktop Features

A+ Burners for the perfect flame

ASKO’s A+ burner design arcs and focuses the flame directly under your pot for faster heating.

Logical layout

Placing the wok burner on the left, rather than the middle of the cooktop, and creating the maximum space between burners, enables the use of multiple burners at once. 

One piece burners

A+ burners do not consist of individual parts, so they are very easy to clean.

The burner caps are coated with Flex-enamel and the burner bases are finished with Keradur enamel, making them heat and scratch resistant.

Flame failure protection

A thermo-electrical flame failure device that is activated within seconds of the flame igniting. Should the flame be extinguished by a draught for example, the gas supply to that burner will immediately be cut-off.

Simply, no flame means no gas! Safety is an ASKO priority.