ASKO - HG1995SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop


Pro Series Gas Cooktop

ASKO HG1995SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop

Weighing up kitchen design and style is made easy with ASKO options suited for all types of Australian homes. It’s true that a new kitchen is a big investment and saving money is a priority, so ASKO take every measure to create high-end products for the right price. When you add ASKO product durability and versatility, it becomes easy to see why minimalist appliance features are the contemporary approach. The ASKO HG1995SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop is a standout performer that is discreet enough to blend with any countertop space.

The ASKO Pro Series appliances combine the best of modern and traditional technologies using seamlessly finished stainless steel products that stand the test of time. ASKO appliance developers understand that simplicity of style is best when coupled with versatile functions, modes and features that enhance cooking output and pleasure, traits that have been ASKO trademarks for more than half a century. The ASKO HG1995SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop is the new era of cooking, where mesmerising appliances create equally amazing dishes.

Why choose the HG1995SD Cooktop?

The range of ASKO cooktops means compatible appliances provide consistent décor solutions. The HG1995SD Cooktop is 90cm wide, with adaptable cooking ports and the famous Fusion Volcano wok burner, producing a powerful and targeted natural gas flame that experienced wok chefs will envy. The HG1995SD is a seamless kitchen addition providing no-fuss cooking solutions that busy Australians appreciate. Here are a few more reasons to consider an ASKO HG1995SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop for your kitchen project.

·        Integrated stainless-steel surface for long lasting appeal

·        Seamless installation and construction for durability and easy-care

·        Fusion Volcano wok burner for the best international cuisine in Australian kitchens

·        Extra support for woks and pots, along with adaptable burner ports and controls

·        Environmentally sustainable construction using long lasting, recyclable materials

·        Natural gas reliability to ensure the HG1995SD is always ready for action

·        Compatible ASKO appliances for a personally tailored chef’s kitchen

What makes gas cooktops different?

People don’t always have time to interrupt busy schedules with extended meal preparation, making fast and efficient gas cooktops an ideal solution. In addition, the opportunity to satisfy everyone’s finicky taste buds is greatly enhanced by versatile appliances that adapt to cuisine styles. Built-in appliances are standard in today’s kitchens, so there’s no reason to feel intimidated by unfamiliar looking products. Reliable natural gas supply means all Australians can expect ASKO cooking innovations for many years to come.

ASKO designers are proud of their Scandinavian kitchen heritage and ensure all the best features of traditional cooking are incorporated into modern appliances. Smart cooktops become cooking assistants, with fully programmable cook settings available to assist novice chefs, while experienced cooks and BBQ-style enthusiasts are eager to test the Volcano wok burner. Gas provides instant heat, faster cook times and reliable energy for preparing food even during a blackout, and ASKO cooktop design ensures heat is directed exactly where it should be, without being lost as radiant energy that makes the kitchen stuffy and uncomfortable. The ASKO HG1995SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop is an example of versatility and energy efficiency working in harmony to save money and time, along with the capacity to satisfy diverse culinary preferences.

What are some more ASKO HG1995SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop advantages?

ASKO cooktops are manufactured in standard sizes to accommodate oven and appliance compatibility. At 90cm wide, the HG1995SD Gas Cooktop is for home chefs who aren’t afraid to expand their cooking repertoire and explore culinary horizons. The appeal of Asian cooking in modern Australia is undeniable, and owning an ASKO HG1995SD is already enough to get friends talking, what to speak of when they visit for a meal. ASKO efficient appliances are designed for ease of use and easy cleaning, allowing home chefs to complete kitchen tasks and get ready to party before guests start arriving.

ASKO cooktops and other kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves and warming drawers are the link between restaurant-style and home-style cooking. Ingenious appliance features allow chefs to create show-stopping dishes that retain nutritional value and visual appeal. Healthy food should satisfy all the senses, providing a mood that is conducive to good times with family and friends. The bond is sure to be strengthened once the ASKO HG1995SD Pro Series Gas Cooktop introduces them to a whole new world of dining pleasure. 

General description

Model name: HG1995SD
Product area: Kitchen
Market: Domestic
Product group: Hob
Installation type: Built-in
Available colour: Stainless steel

Construction & Performance

Surface material: Stainless steel
Wok burner easy switchable
Convinient maintenance with one-piece burner head

Use & Flexibility

Fusion Volcano wok burner
Triple gas ports for perfect control of simmer flame, outer flame and wok
Extra support for wok pots
Gas conversion set

Interaction & Control

Ergonomic knobs cast in one piece of metal: true
Ignition integrated in knob
Automatic ignition
Exact and stepless power setting

Design & Integration

Manually grinded edges
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 4,5 × 86 × 49 cm

Safety & Maintenance

Easy to clean one piece burners

Technical data

Cooking zones: 1 simmer burner + 1 large burner + 2 normal burners + 1 volcano wok burner
Middle front: 1,9 kW,
Right front: 2,4 kW,
Middle back: 1,9 kW,
Right back: 1 kW,
Middle left: 5,5 kW
Gas type: G20/13 natural gas
Frequency: 50 Hz


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 4,5 × 90,4 × 52,2 cm
Net weight: 26 kg

Logistic information

Dimensions of packed product (HxWxD): 22 × 96 × 59 cm
Gross weight: 27 kg
Product code: 10048
EAN code: 3838942008887