ASKO - Why choose an ASKO gas-induction cooktop

Why choose an ASKO gas-induction cooktop

Australians have changed the way they approach cooking, and the culinary art is more popular than ever. Appliance manufacture is adapting along with changing household dynamics, and ASKO Gas and Induction Cooktops are a great way to maximise any kitchen’s potential. ASKO Cooktop options abound, so it’s worth taking time discover the features and choose exactly the right appliance for your home.

Why should you choose an induction cooktop?

Induction cooking has caught on fast, and is used by professional chefs at home and at work. ASKO Induction cooktops are designed for the home kitchen, allowing you to personalise your space in tailor-made style. Induction cooking is safe, fast and energy efficient, making further investigation of induction cooking potential worthwhile. Here are just a few reasons you should choose an induction cooktop.

·        Seamless construction for integrated kitchen design

·        Bridge zones and auto pan detection

·        Instant temperature adjustment with boosters on all zones

·        Scratch resistant, easy clean surface

·        Touch control, individual timers and 6 auto cooking programs

Induction cooking is incredibly energy efficient. Induction cooktops use magnetic principles where cookware becomes the element in contact with the cooktop, while the rest of the cooktop surface remains safe to touch. 

Why is induction better?

Induction heating targets only the pot, with minimal energy loss and without excess heat in the kitchen. The savings add up with every meal enjoyed for the entire lifetime of your durable ASKO appliance. Here are just a few more reasons to consider an induction cooktop.

Auto Programs: ASKO induction cooktops include programs for simmering, boiling, grilling, frying, wok cooking and food warming. Making the transition to induction cooking is easy with a cooktop that assists you in adapting to diverse culinary styles.

Bridge Zones: You can easily increase induction cooktop zones by fingertip control. Simply program two smaller elements to form one larger element for juggling larger pots, pans and cookware.

Safety features: ASKO developers create powerful yet safe appliances. Safety features include the cooktop automatically turning off when the temperature reaches 300ºC or if it remains on for more than 9 hours. ASKO cooktops include a child-safe control panel and safe-to-touch surface, even while cooking is in progress.

Why should you choose a gas cooktop?

Regardless of progressive appliance development, many people will still naturally prefer to cook with gas. It’s hard to beat the visual appeal of a powerful flame that is easily adjusted to assist cooking. Gas cooktops remain an Australian favourite, and ASKO reciprocates with an attractive range of gas cooktops suitable for new builds, renovations, and homes of all sizes. Here are a few ASKO Gas Cooktop advantages:

·        Sturdy single-cast supports and knobs

·        Precision made burners for targeted heat

·        Fully integrated appliance for a stylish kitchen

·        Automatic ignition with concealed components

·        Extra support for wok pots and larger cooking pots

Are gas or induction cooktops more affordable?

A visit to any quality appliance showroom will reveal the impressive energy-star ratings of all ASKO products. We believe in striking the best possible balance between energy-efficiency, versatility and price, allowing you to have confidence in your purchase. ASKO induction and gas cooktops are highest quality products for a price most Australian households can afford.

When you factor in the durability and performance of ASKO cooktops, it’s easy to see how money is saved over the lifetime of your product. You can be showcasing your culinary skills in no time with an ASKO gas or induction cooktop.

Why should your next cooktop be from ASKO?

Kitchen styles come and go, and with high quality products lasting for many years, it’s worth investing in a brand that never goes out of style. ASKO cooktops are seamlessly engineered and built with minimalist Scandinavian design, using components that don’t stain or tarnish. ASKO appliances include all the amazing cooking programs, multifunctional features and assistance you need to showcase your culinary flair and make sure nobody wants to be late for meals.