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Elements 5in1 Combi Oven

Traditional Heat, Steam & Microwave Combi Oven

One Appliance Solution

1. Steam - Gentle cooking of vegetables, fish and meat. Use the full steam function when cooking fresh fish, or add steam at the beginning of the baking time when baking bread, to achieve a delicious crispy crust.

2. Microwave - Saves you a lot of time when you want to reheat food or heat liquids. Is also good for thawing.

3. Traditional heat - Various functions for baking and cooking with combined top and bottom heat, hot air and grill.

4. Combination of traditional heat / microwaves - The dish is prepared with a combination of microwaves and hot air. This shortens the cooking time, but the dishes still get a nice brown and crispy surface

5. Combination of traditional heat / steam - by combining hot air and steam, the taste is emphasized, and meat and fish get a more appealing texture. The steam is sprayed at regular intervals into the oven compartment.

With our interval cooking you can also combine:

- steam / microwave

- steam / traditional heat / microwave

- traditional heat / microwave

- traditional heat / steam 

Combination of full steam function, microwave and traditional heat enhance your cooking, from everyday meals to gourmet dinners. It is the world’s most flexible combination oven, redefining what an oven can be in a compact size of 45cm.
This 5-in-1 combination oven in soft black glass with pearl effect sets the mood with its sleek and sophisticated design. The oven is fitted with a 4.3” full colour touch and endless cooking opportunities.