ASKO - Coronavirus Update

ASKO Coronavirus Update

ASKO VIC Stage 4 Update


What appliances are deemed "essential"?

Washing machine, Oven, Cooktop & Refrigeration

Will ASKO repair "Non essential" appliances?

Only in situations where a faulty appliance is deemed by ASKO to be hazardous to the customers health and safety or for "front line workers" (emergency services, hospital staff etc).

If I have a delivery, installation or service booked with ASKO already, will it be cancelled?

All deliveries will continue as planned. Installation & servicing of all appliances will go ahead as planned up to August 17. After August 17, only "essential" appliances can installed & serviced when not working. ASKO will be in touch if you're booking is to be changed.

Can I make a booking for 6 weeks away?

We are asking customers to contact us towards the end of the 6 week lock down to make a booking, so we can be certain that ASKO will be able to carry out the visit.