ASKO - Our Top 5 Winter Combi Steam Oven Dishes

ASKO’s top 5 winter combi steam oven dishes

Combi steam ovens are perfect for creating those warming winter dishes we all crave as the weather turns cooler.

ASKO’s Elements, Pro Series and Craft combi steam and steam assist ovens are perfect for all sorts of cool-weather cooking, from soups and stews to perfect steamed puddings and winter fruit desserts. And because steam cooking retains more nutrients in foods, you could actually be boosting your winter immunity while you enjoy the delicious results of your steam oven.

Here are the top five dishes we recommend trying in your steam oven this winter.

Classic roast dinner

Putting a joint of meat and some vegetables into the oven is a simple and universally satisfying meal for many households. Cooking your roast using steam is faster, too, so not only will you have dinner on the table before you know it, you’ll have more time to make dessert!

A golden-brown roast chicken with Provencal vegetables is a great way to get started if you haven’t roasted in your steam oven before. You’ll be amazed at how juicy and flavourful your bird is thanks to the extra moisture in the oven.

If a simple slow roast is more your style, a combi steam roast lamb recipe with vegetables can be low on preparation and big on flavour, with a melting, fall-apart texture.

Pot pies

Pot pies are a fantastic way to showcase the wonder of a steam oven. Slow cook a deeply flavoured stew or casserole, locking in the amazing flavours and colours of your ingredients. Once that’s done, take dinner to the next level by tucking puff pastry over the top and cooking it using combi steam for the flakiest, most tender pie top you’ve ever made.

These beef burgundy pot pies are the perfect place to start on your winter pie baking. Watch the video from our partners at Cooking with Steam, then download and give the recipe a try for yourself.

Soups and stocks

If you thought making soups and stocks on a cooktop was easy, just wait until you try it in a steam oven. No stirring, no boiling over and no burnt-on bits at the bottom of the pot. The ingredients mostly cook in their own juices, too, so the flavour is outstanding because you don’t need to add a lot of liquid.

When it comes to soup, there are endless possibilities for flavour combinations and recipes. There’s zucchini, spinach and broccoli options, or a beetroot and bean soup, to get you started. Both have adapted steam oven methods available online already.

Fruit tarts

There are many variations of fruit tarts, but our favourites often have little more than a sheet or two of shop-bought puff, some seasonal fruit and a touch of sugar.

If you’d like to really impress, try a classic French tarte tatin. Usually the domain of restaurant chefs and serious gourmets, tarte tatin is a joy to eat but not always easy to make at home. Try out some combi steam recipes like apple or pear, we think you’ll be amazed at the result, and at how achievable it is.

Warm vegetable salads

Salads don’t have to be reserved for summer. In the colder months, you can use your oven to steam or combi steam root vegetables and dress them to create a substantial side or a meat free main dish.

Whether you’ve had a combi steam oven for a while, or you’re about to install one, the ideas above will give you inspiration and ideas for recipes to try right through winter so you can make the most of your steam oven.