ASKO - Cleaning your washer

Cleaning your washer

ASKO Laundry Appliances – Washing Machine Cleaning

Every aspect of washing machine technology has changed over the years, although the desire for fresh, clean wash results remains the same. Although many washing machine improvements are due to state-of-the-art technology, traditional manufacturing processes have also evolved, and ASKO leads the way with laundry appliances that not only look good on the outside, but also remain clean on the inside at all times.

Does your washing machine need to be cleaned?

ASKO development and innovation includes multifunctionality. The components that are used for superior washing machine performance are also designed to assist with cleaning and maintenance. ASKO washing machine features even include programs that do the cleaning for you, along with special components that eliminate unwanted grit and grime before it can build up and cause damage.

Although ASKO washing machines take over the workload for you, they don’t make you feel helpless when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. Occasional cleaning of the washing machine filter, for example, is a hands-on maintenance procedure that ensures smooth operation for your long-lasting ASKO appliance. ASKO washing machine components are solid, durable and designed for convenient cleaning, with several removable parts that are easily rinsed clean. Our seamless integration eliminates difficult-to-get-to corners and impossible-to-clean parts.

How do you clean a washing machine?

A quality appliance deserves special care to always look its best. ASKO washing machines are a showpiece to be proud of and an important household appliance for many years of faithful service, incorporating durable and hard-wearing materials. The stainless-steel washing machine drums used by ASKO, for example, are a feature that makes a huge difference, being cleaner, more hygienic, attractive, fully recyclable and long-lasting.

ASKO washing machines assist with cleaning in lots of ways, including easy interior drum cleaning. Simply select the drum cleaning option on the control panel and run the program. ASKO appliance interiors remain hygienic at all times by eliminating perishable plastic and rubber components that trap grime and cause damage. The exterior of an ASKO washing machine is just as easy to clean, requiring only a wipe with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

ASKO washing machines are made with the best materials. The seamless exterior is constructed using stainless steel or powder coated sheet metal. This solid structure houses balanced components that are further stabilised by the Quattro design system, where four shock-absorber legs support the machine and eliminate vibration. The only maintenance users generally need to do is occasional cleaning of the filter and water outlet to ensure smooth water flow and operation.

Are front loading washing machines easy to clean?

A major advantage of front loading washing machines is the open drum cavity. It’s easy to load and unload the machine, with no chance of clothing becoming trapped by the central agitator familiar in top-load washing machines. With front loading washing machines, there is less wear and tear on clothing, and the open drum means dirt has nowhere to hide.

An additional advantage of ASKO washing machines is the SteelSeal door, an innovative solution to rubber door seals that deteriorate over time. ASKO features save money on repair bills by eliminating components that need replacing. ASKO has been making superior washing machines since establishment, transforming the industry with appliances that showcase quality, performance and seamless Scandinavian appeal.  

How do you clean the filter in your washing machine?

ASKO washing machines have a filter that retains small objects such as coins and buttons. Firstly, use the ‘Drain’ program accessed via the control panel, and once complete, disconnect the washing machine power cord from the power point. The pump filter cover is easily opened, revealing a water drain hose inside. Release excess water from the hose and then remove the filter by turning it counter-clockwise.

The filter is easily cleaned by running it under water, while the filter housing can be rinsed and wiped clean with a sponge or cloth. Your ASKO appliance is the no fuss way to achieve superior washing results.

Your smart ASKO washing machine will alert you whenever an error occurs, and instruct you what to do next. The convenience of having clean fresh clothes available whenever required is a feature of modern living that can’t be overlooked, and with ASKO on your side, plus a little additional care, your appliance can satisfy the entire household washing needs for as long as you like.