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ASKO Laundry Appliances – Washing Machine Capacity 8kg

Choosing the right washing machine capacity needn’t be confusing, as leading washing machine manufacturers develop products that are made-to-measure. ASKO 8kg capacity washing machines, for example, adapt to every type of household wash required by Australian families for a tailored result. 

What washing machines have an 8kg capacity?

Many Australians prefer 8kg capacity washing machines that provide a little extra space when washing bulky items. Regular families appreciate the benefit of getting lots of towels done in one go, or all the bedding done in just a few wash loads. An 8kg washing machine offers a little more leeway for planning household duties and ensuring everyone has what they need cleaned, when they need it. ASKO 8kg washing machines are quickly transforming the way Australians live, and the results are on show for everyone to appreciate. ASKO washing machines with 8kg capacity are some of the stars of the show.

W4086C.W.AU:This high-performance machine conceals incredible technology behind the seamless exterior. There are dozens of programs, options and modes including anti-allergy programs, a wool/hand wash setting, super rinse function and dark wash capability.

W2084C.W.AU:The quality exterior finish is complemented by stainless steel components including the detergent drawer and long-lasting drum with Quattro vibration-free spinning. Every option required for a personalised experience can be tailored using the ergonomically designed Logic left-to-right interface.

W4086P.W.AU:Perfect for a ‘hard-wearing’ wash where the machine includes built-in protection against overheating, unbalance and drain blockage. While your clothes are being washed, this machine uses Active Drum Technology to keeps hoses and connections clean, Pro-Wash solutions for continually circulating and refreshing the water, and a Super-Rinse function for the feel of super clean garments.

W6864:This appliance showcases the best of form and function for long-lasting performance. The programs and modes adapt to user requirements for speed and efficiency, while always remaining quiet even under maximum load use. Precise temperature control, a waterproof bottom plate, unbalance detection and 12 active programs all make for a personalised washing experience.

How much washing machine capacity do I need?

The washing machine capacity you need is most easily determined by the size and regularity of your household wash loads. A washing machine that is too small will result in increased running costs due to its being used more often than desired, while a machine that is too large will also increase power costs due to under-utilisation of the washing machine capacity. ASKO 8kg washing machines, for example, are used at their full capacity when washing 8kg of clothing or other items. 1kg of washing is equivalent to the following examples:

·        5 shirts

·        1 shirt + 1 pair of jeans

·        2 bath towels

What can I wash in an 8kg washing machine?

Calculating the capacity of your washing machine is extremely easy. An 8kg washing machine can conveniently wash a bulk of up to 8kg of dry clothing. Don’t mind if some items are wet and therefore heavier than usual, as your ASKO laundry appliance will automatically adjust water and saturation to compensate. Almost every household item, including bedding, will conveniently fit into the large drum of an 8kg ASKO washing machine.

Are 8kg washing machines energy efficient?

ASKO 8kg washing machine efficiency is superior to competing models for quite a few reasons. The optimum energy star and water star ratings give the first clue, while further investigation reveals innovative design and manufacturing principles for even better performance. ASKO washing machines feature ‘butterfly drying’ where inbuilt drum paddles spread garments out and allow air to circulate, minimising bundling or bunching of wet clothes. The hygienic Steel Seal drum and Quattro construction using four legs with shock absorbers also add to the quiet performance and energy savings.

How do I find the capacity of my washing machine?