ASKO - 10kg


ASKO Laundry Appliances – Washing Machine Capacity 10kg

Quality contemporary appliances provide users with convenience, reliability and a showpiece for any room. ASKO 10kg washing machines deliver on all fronts, allowing busy, large households to appreciate laundry appeal, versatile wash cycles, and intelligent reciprocation with every wash.   

What washing machines have a 10kg capacity?

Australian households have evolved to encompass wide-ranging family units and lifestyle choices. For larger families and cohabiting situations, 10kg washing machines are highly recommended. The benefits are understood easily when you appreciate that more wash loads are accomplished in less time using fewer wash cycles. ASKO 10kg washing machines take the advantages several steps further using state-of-the-art technology, durable materials and features that enhance the experience and performance. Here are some outstanding features of the ASKO 10kg capacity washing machines.

W4104C.W.AU: The expansive drum capacity is easily accessed by the wide-opening door diameter of 31cm and door that opens to 110º. The favourite programs saving function is ideal for regular washing for households on the go. Programs and modes include options for cotton, wool and blends, while the dark wash program is another ASKO innovation worth considering. Superior run modes include Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode and Intensive mode.

W8844XL: Washing towels, bedding and even curtains is entirely possible with this laundry appliance. In addition, the 5 star energy rating and 4.5 star water rating means your washing machine is focussed on doing the best job possible for budget conscious households. The seamless finish and easy to operate left-to-right interface is just the start, and you will be impressed with the amazing features and functions that can be personalised just for you.

W8844XL ECO: Environmentally friendly economic washing machines are the aim in most households, and this model ticks all the boxes. Complex wash cycles become easy with ECO washing machines that automatically adjust hot and cold water in all 15 built-in programs. Durability is no obstacle either when the brushless motor, Quattro shock absorber construction and Steel Seal drum work together in synchronised harmony.

How much washing machine capacity do I need?

Every household has different needs. That’s why the ASKO range of domestic laundry appliances includes 7kg, 8kg and 10kg washing machines. For example, if you are accustomed to big washing loads a 10kg washing machine is highly recommended. The kilogram rating on washing machines applies to the wash load and not the washing machine appliance weight. Here is an easy way to understand your approximate washing load so you can purchase an ASKO appliance just right for you.

Step on your bathroom scales holding your empty washing basket and take note of the total weight in kilograms. Now, step back on the scales a second time, this time holding the washing basket containing a load you would normally wash. The difference in kilograms between the empty and full washing basket is the weight of your regular load, giving an indication of the washing machine capacity you need.

What can I wash in a 10kg washing machine?

10kg washing machines are designed and built for large washing loads experienced in big families. Keeping up with everyone’s needs for home, work, sports and leisure can be a taxing experience, but not with ASKO laundry appliances that handle the workload with ease. There is even room in a 10kg ASKO washing machine for curtains and doonas, saving you money and time spent at the cleaners.

ASKO washing machines incorporate features that improve the washing experience and provide a superior clean, using a range of built-in enhancements, including:

·        Air Lift paddles for aerated washing and drying

·        Interior illumination for easy viewing

·        Soft Drum washing that is gentler on delicate items

·        Super Rinse function for superior cleaning

·        Steel Seal door for improved hygiene

Are 10kg capacity washing machines energy efficient?

ASKO washing machines are all energy efficient, whether they are 7kg, 8kg or 10kg models. They all reach standards of design, manufacture and energy efficiency deserving of the highest energy and water star ratings. A 10kg washing machine doesn’t need to be filled with 10kg of clothes and will perform superbly with any amount between 1kg – 10kg. However, if your normal wash size is closer to 10kg, money will be saved with the larger machine as less wash cycles are used overall.

How do I find the capacity of my washing machine?

All washing machines sold in Australia include a wash load kilogram capacity and star ratings in their specifications. Normal wash cycles are more cost-effective when washing closer to the appliance kg limit, although ASKO washing machines can be personalised and are user-friendly, with settings, modes and features ready to be adjusted (or automatically programmed) for every type of wash.

The ASKO 10kg washing machine range has been formulated using the best minimalist Scandinavian design principles appreciated by Australians. If you are building a new home or undertaking renovations on an established residence, an ASKO 10kg washing machine could be exactly what you need to keep up appearances that only ASKO can deliver.