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ASKO Laundry Appliances – Washing Machine Capacity

The best laundry appliances are designed and manufactured to improve results and enhance quality of life. Elegance, natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship all contribute to overall performance, along with washing machine capacity choices to ensure ASKO appliances deliver the cleanest possible results every time. 

How much washing machine capacity do I need?

Washing machines come in various sizes and shapes and choosing the one most suitable to your household’s needs is the most important consideration. A washing machine that is too small will result in endless, multiple washing cycles, while an oversized appliance will increase running costs and power bills unnecessarily. It’s not always possible to test-run a new washing machine prior to purchase, but there are ways to figure out your requirements and choose the right model.

All washing machines have a capacity, measured in kilograms in Australia. For example, an 8kg washing machine is built to handle 8kg of dry clothes, bedding or other items. To put things into perspective, examples of 1kg of laundry are shown below:

·        5 shirts

·        1 shirt + 1 pair of jeans

·        2 bath towels

Materials naturally come in all sizes, shapes and materials of various weight, so here is another way to approximate your wash size needs. Step on your bathroom scales holding your empty washing basket and take note of the total weight in kilograms. Now, step back on the scales a second time, this time holding the washing basket containing a load you would normally wash. The difference in kilograms between the empty and full washing basket is the weight of your regular load, giving an indication of the washing machine capacity you need.

What is the biggest washing machine capacity?

Large commercial washing machines with up to 18kg capacity are useful in certain situations, although the capacity required for household use is much less. Established manufacturers such as ASKO deliver products that remain in reliable use for years, so we focus on the real needs of contemporary and traditional homes where style is a permanent feature. ASKO washing machines from 7kg -10kg capacity account for satisfactory washing for all Australian households where energy-efficiency and superior washing results are equally important.

A 10kg ASKO washing machine will satisfy the demands of large and active families where washing piles up while your back is turned. With a larger machine you will use fewer wash cycles, ultimately saving you money. It’s worth noting that a 10kg machine will use more water and power than an 8kg machine, so if you are single or sharing a home with one other person, and don’t accumulate huge wash loads, a 7kg or 8kg ASKO washing machine could be a better choice for you.

What washing machines have an 8kg capacity?

The ASKO range of washing machines includes the best 8kg capacity appliances suitable for busy medium-size families. Here are just a few features of our Scandinavian inspired designs favoured by Australian households.

W4086C.W.AU: This high-performance machine conceals incredible technology behind the seamless exterior. There are dozens of programs, options and modes including anti-allergy programs, a wool/hand wash setting, super rinse function and dark wash capability.

W2084C.W.AU: The quality exterior finish is complemented by stainless steel components including the detergent drawer and long-lasting drum with Quattro vibration-free spinning. Every option required for a personalised experience can be tailored using the ergonomically designed Logic left-to-right interface.

W4086P.W.AU: Perfect for a ‘hard-wearing’ wash where the machine includes built-in protection against overheating, unbalance and drain blockage. While your clothes are being washed, this machine uses Active Drum Technology to keep hoses and connections clean, Pro-Wash solutions for continually circulating and refreshing the water, and a Super-Rinse function for the feel of super clean garments.

W6864: This appliance showcases the best of form and function for long-lasting performance. The programs and modes adapt to user requirements for speed and efficiency, while always remaining quiet even under maximum load use. Precise temperature control, a waterproof bottom plate, unbalance detection and 12 active programs all make for a personalised washing experience. 

What washing machines have a 10kg capacity?

10kg capacity ASKO washing machines are the laundry appliance of choice for larger household wash loads. If performance and style are both important to you, our products will tick the right boxes.

W4104C.W.AU: The expansive drum capacity is easily accessed by the wide-opening door diameter of 31cm and door that opens to 110º. The favourite programs saving function is ideal for regular washing for households on the go. Programs and modes include options for cotton, wool and blends, while the dark wash program is another ASKO innovation worth considering. Superior run modes include Normal mode, Green mode, Allergy mode, Speed mode and Intensive mode.

W8844XL: Washing towels, bedding and even curtains is entirely possible with this laundry appliance. In addition, the 5 star energy rating and 4.5 star water rating means your washing machine is focussed on doing the best job possible for budget conscious households. The seamless finish and easy to operate left-to-right interface is just the start, and you will be impressed with the amazing features and functions that can be personalised just for you.

W8844XL ECO: Environmentally friendly economic washing machines are the aim in most households, and this model ticks all the boxes. Complex wash cycles become easy with ECO washing machines that automatically adjust hot and cold water in all 15 built-in programs. Durability is no obstacle either when the brushless motor, Quattro shock absorber construction and Steel Seal drum work together in synchronised harmony.

What washing machine capacity is the most energy efficient?

Energy efficient washing is achieved by using an appropriately sized appliance for your needs. Every ASKO washing machine meets exceptional levels of energy and water efficiency to ensure stain removal remains a cost-effective solution. When you factor in a machine that is easy on delicate items, easy on the eye and environmentally friendly you will begin to appreciate the ASKO solutions suitable for every home.